Preparing for the LAT | Law

Preparing for the LAT

The Law Admission Test is designed to assess your skills, rather than knowledge. It will not require any knowledge specific to law, as such there isn’t any specific preparation you can do beforehand.

What we do recommend is the following:

  • Continue with your high school or tertiary studies, and regular exam preparation.

Continuing with your regular high school, or tertiary study examination preparation will ensure you feel comfortable sitting exams, and this preparation will assist you on the day of the LAT.

  • Candidates are advised to attempt the practice material provided for the LAT, available here.

Preparing for the LAT

Please note that this is the ONLY practice test that has been made available by UNSW and ACER. Any other alleged practice tests have not been seen or endorsed by UNSW Law.

Please note: UNSW Law DOES NOT recommend or endorse any commercially available courses offering LAT preparation. Commercial preparation courses could provide misleading information and advice to candidates.

Knowing the structure and content

It will be useful to familarise yourself with the structure and content of the LAT, as you would for your High School or tertiary study exams. 

The LAT is 2 hours in duration, duration including 10 minutes of reading and planning time per writing task. It is recommended that candidates spend 10 minutes reviewing each task and planning their response. Pens are allowed to be used during this time.

The LAT consists of two writing tasks:

Task 1 is a written response which requires candidates to critically analyse and evaluate the arguments presented in the material provided.

Task 2 is also a written response and requires candidates to process a selection of different types of material (text and graphic) and provide their own arguments about the issue contained in the material.

Below is an example of how you could plan your time.


No. of questions

Recommended reading & planning time

Test Writing time (mins)









Total test time: 120 minutes