Structure and governance | Law

Structure and governance

UNSW Law comprises the Law School and a range of research, education and advocacy centres including a community legal centre, the Kingsford Legal Centre, and Centre for Continuing Legal Education.

UNSW Law is governed by the Faculty Board which consists of members of the full-time academic staff, casual teaching staff, various nominees and student representatives. The Board meets bi-monthly and various Faculty committees report to the Faculty Board. These include Academic Quality Assurance Committee, Qualifying Degree Committee, Postgraduate Education Committee, Research Committee and Indigenous Legal Education Reconciliation and Research Committee. The Faculty Board Chair is nominated by the Dean, and is currently the Associate Dean (Academic).

The day-to-day governance of the Faculty is the responsibility of the Dean who is appointed by the UNSW Council. The Dean is assisted in his role by the Associate Dean (Research), the Associate Dean (Education), Associate Dean (Academic) and the Deans Advisory Group.