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Student representatives

Student representatives in the Law School provide the primary means of communication between the academic and administrative, and student sectors of the Law School. The student representatives are allowed to vote and have a say on aspects of the governance of the Faculty, and to voice issues of concern to the student body.

The student representatives for 2017 and their respective committees are as follows:

Jovi PearsonPostgraduate Education Committee, Faculty Board (PG)
Armin AlimardaniResearch Committee, Faculty Board (HDR)
Emma TingInternational Committee, Faculty Board (UG)
George FermanisQualifying Degrees Committee, Faculty Board (UG)
Hao FanQualifying Degrees Committee, Faculty Board (JD)
Xiao HuQualifying Degrees Committee, Faculty Board (JD)
Samuel LeeQualifying Degrees Committee, Faculty Board (UG)
Lauren StinsonIndigenous Legal Education and Research Committee, Faculty Board (UG)
Nadhirah DavidEquity and Diversity Committee, Faculty Board (UG)
Sami JoshiSubstitute as required (UG)

All student representatives are eligible to attend and vote at meetings of Faculty Board and the Law School Meeting.

Student reps

Student representatives

Jovi Pearson 

Jovi is completing a Masters of Business Law (Corporate and Commercial Law) and is passionate about student welfare and quality of educational resources at UNSW.

During her time at UNSW, she has also been able to learn 3 different languages, winning 3rd place in the national Chinese Star writing competition and multiple scholarships for her continuing dedication into improving cross-cultural communication in Australia and abroad, speaking at conferences about the complexities and benefits that multiculturalism has provided and has earned executive positions in student societies at UNSW and in multiple exchange universities in China.

Jovi hopes to use those experiences to empower the interests of both local and international students, aiming for continuous improvement of academic standards at UNSW. 

Student representatives

Armin Alimardani

Armin commenced his Bachelor of Law in 2007 in Iran, but his passion for science and mathematics led him to study Information Technology (IT) in conjunction with his legal degree. When he became familiar with Criminology, Armin abandoned IT and dedicated his passion to research in Criminology and Criminal Law. In his Masters, he studied Criminal Law and Criminology. His Masters’ thesis was on the role of genes in criminal behavior and its legal implication, and published it as an introductory book titled, “Genetics and Crime”. He was elected as the author of the distinguished Persian book of the year in students’ section by ‫Iranian Students Booking Agency (ISBA).

In 2015, he began his PhD in Law at UNSW; his current research focuses on the use of Neuroscientific evidence in Criminal Justice System.  In early 2016, Armin joined the Australian Neurolaw Database Project ( on analysing cases in the Australian courts that involved neuroscientific evidence, such as brain scan.

Although Armin’s PhD is focused on Neuroscience and Law, his interest is not limited to biology and criminal law as he is also passionate about the combination/intersection of other areas with law such as mathematics and computer sciences.

Student representatives

George Fermanis

George Fermanis is a 5th year Commerce/Law student. He was previously a Law Faculty Student Representative in 2015, also sitting on the International Committee. At Law School, among other things, he has had experiences with Law Revue, Peer Mentoring, the UNSW Law Society, and Student Minds(R) @ UNSW. 

Student representatives

Samuel Lee

Sam is a 4th year Commerce/Law student. Sam is a member of the Qualifying Degrees Committee and the Faculty Board, as an Undergraduate Representative.

During his time at UNSW, Sam has served in a number of leadership roles within university societies including the UNSW Law Society, FMAA and UN Society. He has also been extensively involved in many facets of the law school, including external mooting, social justice volunteering, the Law Peer Tutor program, Law Society Band, LawPLUS Peer Mentoring and sporting commitments.

Sam is extremely passionate about education – especially improving existing programs or proposing new initiatives to improve opportunities for all to pursue their talents and interests, while fostering inclusive and diverse communities that encourage their members to be active and conscientious participants. He also believes passionately in genuine, grassroots student representation and leadership that focusses on bringing together different parties to achieve practical solutions. To this end he has worked with a broad range of organisations including private firms, student societies, social justice organisations, academics and university/high school students.