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Student representatives

Student representatives in the Law School provide the primary means of communication between the academic and administrative, and student sectors of the Law School. The student representatives are allowed to vote and have a say on aspects of the governance of the Faculty, and to voice issues of concern to the student body.

The student representatives for 2018 and their respective committees are as follows:

Jovi PearsonPostgraduate Education Committee, Faculty Board (PG)
Christopher McElwainResearch Committee, Faculty Board (HDR)
James LiInternational Committee, Faculty Board (UG)
Stephanie BlancquartQualifying Degrees Committee, Faculty Board (UG)
Lachlan BlairQualifying Degrees Committee, Faculty Board (JD)
Anna HoltbyQualifying Degrees Committee, Faculty Board (JD)
Johnson ManQualifying Degrees Committee, Faculty Board (UG)
Lauren StinsonIndigenous Legal Education and Research Committee, Faculty Board (UG)
Angad RandhawaEquity and Diversity Committee, Faculty Board (UG)
Daisy RenInternational Committee, Faculty Board (JD)

All student representatives are eligible to attend and vote at meetings of Faculty Board and the Law School Meeting.