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Get Involved

The Law Alumni Network organises a range of different programs throughout the year that offer alumni and students great opportunities to get involved and give back to the university and the community.  UNSW Law has been engaged with our local community since opening our doors in 1971. We are home to a range of Centres which provide advice and education to members of the community. We rely on your support and the involvement of our alumni, without you UNSW Law would not be one of the world’s leading law schools!  Check out the following ways you can get involved or see our events page for what’s coming up.

Be a hands-on volunteer

Volunteering can come in various different ways.  Alumni involvement benefits the university, helps extend the UNSW experience to graduates and strengthens ties between alumni and students.  

Mentoring students at a networking event or through mentoring program is a great way to give back.  All you need to do is bring yourself and be open to answering questions and offering a bit of advice based on your own experience.  See our events page for upcoming events that involve student mentoring.  The student Law Society is piloting a new profesional mentoring program in 2014 which aims to pair penultimate and final year students with legal professionals from a variety of backgrounds.  The Law Society calls on interested UNSW Law Alumni to volunteer their time as a mentor.  The commitment required by each mentor varies and is determines by the mentors and mentees.  For more information or to sign up to the program please contact Sarah Lee at

The Kingsford Legal Centre seeks volunteer solicitors to assist in evening advice sessions held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Advice sessions have up to 16 appointments with the first one starting at 6pm.  Volunteers are asked to commit to attending one of these advice sessions each fortnight.  As a community legal centre providing free advice and referral to assist residents in the local area, volunteering your time at the KLC can be tremendously rewarding.  Meeting and helping people from different socio-economic backgrounds can not only diversify your own work portfolio but can also offer great personal insight and self-reflection.   The Centre takes on cases where there is no other source of assistance or where acting for the client will benefit the community by achieving change in the law or governing policy.   KLC also acts as a teaching institution for students enrolled at UNSW Law.  For more information on how you can get involved please visit the KLC website

"I choose to volunteer at KLC because they offer such an integral service to the community which I am really passionate about contributing to. I regularly see clients at KLC who are in very difficult situations and we are able to give them the type of practical assistance that they often can't get elsewhere. Not only that, volunteering at KLC also exposes you to a wide variety of clients with differing problems which serves to develop your analytical and communication skills."  ~ Joe Kennedy 

Become a Global Contact

UNSW Law's Development and Alumni team is looking forward to expanding our community by reaching out to and connecting with our alumni living all over the world.  Not only do our students come from far reaches of the globe but our alumni have spread out to all corners as well.   We would love to be able to share alumni updates and success stories with you but it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s movements.  Volunteering as a Chapter Coordinator in your city or country is an amazing way to volunteer your help and stay connected with alumni living in your area.

The role of the Chapter Coordinator involves promoting academic and professional exchange between Australia and the country where you reside, promoting the good work of UNSW Law and law alumni and assisting with maintaining communication and building relationships between UNSW Law and alumni outside Australia.  This could include being the point of contact for reunions or events being held in your country and facilitating networking opportunities for alumni. 

Our alumni often gather in formal and informal groups around the world.  Whether you’re returning home, relocating and travelling through it’s great to have a go-to point of contact.  For more information contact Lindsay, our Alumni Officer, by email to

Continuing Legal Education

UNSW Law provides Continuing Legal Education through quality short courses for lawyers, accountants, financial planners, executives and other professionals whose work demands up-to-date knowledge and skills in relevant areas.  We also offer a range of public lectures and other events throughout the year. Members of the public are welcome to attend. Check our events listing page to register and come along.