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The Ngoc Tram Nguyen Scholarship

About the Ngoc Tram Nguyen Scholarship

A young woman who believed in the transformative power of education is the inspiration for a new UNSW Law scholarship.

Ngoc Tram Nguyen came to Australia as an infant refugee. She met Professor David Dixon, Dean of the Faculty of Law, when he was conducting research on policing in Cabramatta. He found Tram to be an extraordinary young woman and the intellectual equal of any of the wonderfully gifted students in the Law School.

Tram became a research assistant and co-authored the report, Anh Hai: Young Asian Background People’s Perceptions and Experiences of Policing.

Encouraged by Professor Dixon, Tram began UNSW’s University Preparation Program. Tram said “My aim is to help my friends and my community some day ... now I can see that day.” She hoped to become a lawyer and a leader of her community.

But it was not to be. Tram died in a tragic accident before she was able to fulfil her dream.

This Scholarship will allow a disadvantaged young person like Tram Nguyen to achieve their potential at UNSW Law School. It will be awarded to a student from a non-selective public secondary school in South West Sydney and have a value of $5,000 per year for the duration of an undergraduate law degree. Selection will consider socio-demographic circumstances, including financial hardship, which might hinder successful transition to, or success at, UNSW Law School.


The Ngoc Tram Nguyen Scholarship

“I used to think I didn’t have a future, but now that I have had more opportunities and a lot of support I think I can achieve anything I want.”

Tram Nguyen 1978-2004


The Ngoc Tram Nguyen Scholarship

“Helping someone like Tram to overcome disadvantage and achieve their potential is a great way to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of our Law School and its commitment to justice for all.”


Professor David Dixon - Dean

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