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Criminal Law, Criminal Justice & Criminology

These related fields of study deal with the construction of crime and the ways in which crime is controlled and regulated within criminal justice and in other domains, domestically and internationally.

UNSW scholars have a leading reputation for research and teaching in these areas and are renowned for a distinctive approach that effectively integrates criminal law with criminological, penological and criminal justice perspectives. This approach respects legality and principles of justice but moves beyond idealised accounts to consider criminalisation, law and procedure in practice.


UNSW Law’s Centres, Networks and Groups bring together some of the keenest academic minds in the law to address issues that matter. They provide excellent opportunities for our students to work alongside the discipline’s leading academics.

Networks & Groups

Undergraduate programs

Postgraduate programs

Internships & Clinics

Undergraduate courses

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General education

  • GENL2021 Introduction to Australian Legal System

Juris Doctor (JD) courses

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Postgraduate courses

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  • LAWS8011 Anti-Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime
  • LAWS8289 Comparative Anti-Terrorism Law
  • LAWS8090 Conceptualising Criminal Laws
  • LAWS8012 Corruption Law and Policy
  • LAWS8209 Criminal Justice: Global Perspectives
  • LAWS8125 Criminal Process: a Human Rights Framework
  • LAWS8117 Critical Issues in Restorative Justice
  • LAWS8122 Critical Victimology
  • LAWS8076 Current Issues in Criminal Justice
  • LAWS8030 Cybercrime, Security and Digital Law Enforcement
  • LAWS8151 European Union Law
  • LAWS8015 Explaining Punishment
  • LAWS8075 Gender, Race and Justice
  • LAWS8123 Indigenous Children and the Law
  • LAWS8124 Indigenous Women and the Law
  • LAWS8991 International Criminal Law
  • LAWS8087 International Law and the Use of Force
  • LAWS8105 Juvenile Justice
  • LAWS8188 Law of Armed Conflict
  • LAWS8101 Legal Concepts, Research and Writing for Criminal Justice & Criminology
  • LAWS8423 Research Thesis: 6 uoc
  • LAWS8422 Research Thesis: Extended
  • LAWS8201 Sentencing: Law, Policy and Practice
  • LAWS8193 State Crime, the Law and Civil Society
  • LAWS8037 Surveillance Security and Democracy
  • LAWS8195 Taking Facts Seriously:Fact-finding Evidence Proof
  • LAWS8172 Therapeutic Jurisprudence: From Conception to Application
  • LAWS8013 Transnational Policing & Human Rights
  • LAWS8994 White - Collar Crime