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Private law refers to the body of legal doctrines and rules that govern the relationships between private individuals. It is to be contrasted with Public Law, which covers the relationship between the state and the individual. It covers a number of key areas of law: contracts, property, equity and trusts, torts, succession and family law are the most important. While many of the basic principles of private law derive from judge-made common law, private law is increasingly in the form of legislation that builds upon, or restructures, the common law. Many relationships governed by private law are of an intimate nature such as family relationships, but private law also extends to commercial and financial relations.

Research into the field of private law is extensive at UNSW Law, both in its focus on the technical, doctrinal development of the law, but also from the perspective of law reform. This research is reflected in the work of the school's Private Law Research and Policy Group.

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  • LAWS3308 UNSW Law Externally Hosted Internships
  • LAWS3307 UNSW Law On Site Internships
  • LAWS3300 Housing Clinic (Redfern Legal Centre)
  • JURD7400 Housing (Redfern Legal Centre)
  • LAWS3600 Housing Clinic (Redfern Legal Centre) Intensive
  • JURD7600 Housing Clinic (Redfern Legal Centre) Intensive

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  • GENL2323 Owning Creativity: Issues in Intellectual Property

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  • LAWS8062 Advanced Issues in Property Law
  • LAWS8271 Australian Legal System
  • LAWS8023 Commercial Contracts: Problems of Performance, Breach and Termination
  • LAWS8036 Current Issues in the Law of Restitution
  • LAWS8099 Funds Management, Superannuation and Insurance
  • LAWS8017 Intellectual Property Law
  • LAWS8185 Law and Society in the New Economy
  • LAWS8249 Legal Concepts, Research and Writing for Media Law
  • LAWS8423 Research Thesis: 6 uoc
  • LAWS8422 Research Thesis: Extended
  • LAWS8115 Strata and Community Title Law