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Taxation permeates almost every aspect of business and looms large in personal financial planning. The Law School courses in taxation law cater both for those who want a useful introduction to income tax and for those who want to specialise in the area. As taxation law is a case study in statutory interpretation, emphasis is placed on the effect the courts have had on it, while not losing sight of the aims of the legislation.

Undergraduate courses are directed at the policy and structure of the law rather than fine detail, but the aim is to demystify the law and solve practical problems. At postgraduate level students can specialise in taxation in the Master of Laws program.

Postgraduate programs

Undergraduate courses

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General education

Juris Doctor (JD) courses

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  • JURD7751 Business Taxation
  • JURD7572 Corporate Misconduct and White Collar Crime
  • JURD7351 Elements of Income Tax Law
  • JURD7399 Funds Management, Superannuation & Insurance
  • JURD7685 Law and Society in the New Economy
  • JURD7521 Research Project: 2 uoc
  • JURD7423 Research Thesis: 4 uoc
  • JURD7823 Research Thesis: 6 uoc
  • JURD7434 Research Thesis: Extended
  • JURD7476 Sir Anthony Mason Rsch Proj in Constitutional Law

Postgraduate courses

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  • LAWS8027 Advanced Debt Capital Markets and Securitisation
  • LAWS8062 Advanced Issues in Property Law
  • LAWS8011 Anti-Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime
  • LAWS8073 Asian Competition Law
  • LAWS8026 Banking and Finance Law
  • LAWS8038 Chinese Corporate and Securities Law
  • LAWS8066 Climate Law
  • LAWS8041 Commercial Conflict of Laws
  • LAWS8023 Commercial Contracts: Problems of Performance, Breach and Termination
  • LAWS8042 Commercial Transactions Involving IP
  • LAWS8074 Competition Law and Intellectual Property
  • LAWS8219 Competition Law and Policy
  • LAWS8765 Complex Commercial Litigation
  • LAWS8091 Corporate Control Transactions
  • LAWS8028 Corporate Governance
  • LAWS8095 Corporate Insolvency
  • LAWS8036 Current Issues in the Law of Restitution
  • LAWS8071 Development and Planning Law
  • LAWS8314 Dispute Resolution: Principles, Processes and Practices
  • LAWS8155 Doping in Sport: Global Issues
  • LAWS8077 Effective Facilitation
  • LAWS8044 Electronic Commerce Law
  • LAWS8366 Environmental Markets
  • LAWS8875 Fiduciary Duties and Conflicts of Interest
  • LAWS8140 Finance for Lawyers
  • LAWS8099 Funds Management, Superannuation and Insurance
  • LAWS8203 Global Issues in Competition Law and Policy
  • LAWS8210 Globalisation and Commercial Law
  • LAWS8080 Insurance Law
  • LAWS8017 Intellectual Property Law
  • LAWS8993 International Business Transactions
  • LAWS8183 International Commercial Arbitration
  • LAWS8020 International Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • LAWS8220 International Financial Law
  • LAWS8185 Law and Society in the New Economy
  • LAWS8972 Law of the World Trade Organisation
  • LAWS8072 Legal Concepts, Research and Writing for Business Law
  • LAWS8058 Managing Workplace Change and Conflict
  • LAWS8054 Media and Communications Industry Regulation
  • LAWS8078 Mediation
  • LAWS8045 Mining and Resources Law
  • LAWS8980 Principled (Interest Based) Negotiation
  • LAWS8161 Regulation & Democratic Control of Industrial Org.
  • LAWS8088 Regulation of Online Investing
  • LAWS8064 Regulation, Litigation and Enforcement
  • LAWS8423 Research Thesis: 6 uoc
  • LAWS8422 Research Thesis: Extended
  • LAWS8092 Securities and Financial Markets Regulation
  • LAWS8083 Sports Sponsorship and Marketing
  • LAWS8115 Strata and Community Title Law
  • LAWS8239 Workplace Law
  • LAWS8989 World Trade Law: Contemporary Issues and Concerns