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Employers and Search/Recruitment Firms

Our students are keen to learn more about your law firm or company, the career opportunities available and the trends and developments in the market generally.

There are many ways for employers and search/recruitment firms to connect with and market to our students:

Advertise on our Jobs Board: a comprehensive listing of available opportunities regularly accessed by all of our students. A job posting is a great way to connect with our students and graduates.

You are welcome to post a job and there is no fee to post with us. Please click here to find out more.

Partner with us - the Careers Service organises and hosts a number of career programs and speaker panels each year. Come, present and meet our students.

Pay it Forward - offer internships and/or work experience.

Make a name for yourself - host an event or reception.

For assistance, please contact  UNSW Law Careers Service at law.careers@unsw.edu.au.