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Interesting Alternatives

A law degree at UNSW equips you with more than just legal skills. Many of our graduates pursue interesting and rewarding careers in banking, consulting, professional services, media/journalism, among others.

Management Consulting

Interesting AlternativesManagement consulting is a client service based industry assisting businesses to develop and deconstruct their strategy, management and operations. Consultants are usually employed to improve an organisation's performance by solving commercial problems and providing solutions. Consulting firms can service both private sector clients as well as the public sector organisations. Working in a consulting firm provides the opportunity to work for a variety of clients on different projects spanning industries as well as geographic locations. Working in management consulting also provides you with a breadth of commercial understanding and management skills, which are highly transferrable into the business world. 

See our Alumni Story of Isabella Cheng (BCom (Dist)/LLB (Hons) '14) who commenced as a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co in 2015

Professional Services Firms

Interesting Alternatives

Professional services firms support businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries. These firms can provide specialist advice and ensure regulatory compliance for clients ranging from accounting/auditing, strategic advice, tax support and legal services. 

See our Alumni Story of Micaela Bernfield (BMedia/LLB '15) who recently commenced as a Deloitte Lawyers graduate within the Tax team. 

Investment Banking 

Interesting Alternatives

Investstment bankers offer clients strategic advice and financial solutions concerning areas such as mergers, acquisitions, asset management, financing and risk management transactions. They are often involved in advising company executives about IPOs, purchasing of companies, debt or equity raising and restructuring over a vast range of industries. 

See our Alumni Story of Jeremy Wilson (BCom (Dist)/LLB (Hons) '14) who commenced as an analyst with the Energy & Utilities investment banking team at J.P. Morgan


Interesting AlternativesRead about Holly Raiche's career path from the ABC to the Communications Law Centre to the Australian Democrats to the Australian Communications Industry Forum and then to the Internet Society of Australia.

'I have never practised law. But I have never not used my legal training...'


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