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Environmental Law Group

The Environmental Law Group provides a focal point for research and teaching on issues of international and domestic environmental law, policy and governance at UNSW.

The ELG seeks to contribute to the development of research in, and the teaching and dissemination of, environmental law through:

  • undertaking legal and multi-disciplinary national and international research projects in environmental law and policy, where appropriate in collaboration with others at UNSW and elsewhere
  • providing high quality supervision for students wishing to undertake research in the field of environmental law
  • holding seminars, workshops and conferences to explore contemporary issues in the field of environmental law
  • contributing to policy debate on environmental issues of national and international importance through the preparation of submissions, policy papers and other publications
  • offering a comprehensive range of contemporary and innovative courses in the field of environmental law 
  • encouraging students to develop their knowledge of environmental law through involvement in group projects and by supporting the preparation and dissemination of the monthly Environmental Law Group Legal Update


Faculty staff members include: Professor Rosemary Rayfuse (Chair), Professor Bronwen Morgan, Janice Gray, Dr Cameron Holley, Amelia Thorpe and Greg Weeks. In addition there are over 15 researchers and student associates working across the broad spectrum of domestic and international environmental law issues.


Rosemary Rayfuse r.rayfuse@unsw.edu.au

Cameron Holley c.holley@unsw.edu.au