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Publications and Media

Selected Publications

A selection of papers by Law and Social Justice Group members exploring issues related to the law and social justice is provided below. For more publications by group members, please visit their profile pages accessible from the Group members page.

  • Buckley, Ross. Debt-for-development Exchanges: History and New Applications, Cambridge University Press, New York (2011) pp.1-325.Buckley, Ross. "Improve Living Standards in Poor Countries: Reform the International Monetary Fund", Emory International Law Review (2010) 4, symposium issue, pp.119-146.
  • Buckley, Ross. "Debt-for-Development Exchanges: Using External Debt to Mitigate Environmental Damage in Developing Countries, 16 West Northwest Journal of Environmental Law (with S Freeland) Winter 2010, pp.77-101.
  • Disney, Julian, A. Buduls & P. Grant. Impacts of the new Job Seeker Compliance Framework: Report of the Independent Review, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (2010)
  • Gibson, Fran. "Article 13 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities - A right to legal aid?" Australian Journal of Human Rights (2010) 15(2), pp.123.
  • Gibson, Fran."Dispute Resolution in Rural and Regional Victoria" Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal (2010).
  • Ho, Leanne and National Pro Bono Resource Centre. What is Social Justice? Occasional Paper #1 (2011)
  • Hodgson, Helen. "Unscrambling the Egg: Reform Pathways in the Tax Transfer System" Australian Tax Forum (2011) 26(2) pp.257.
  • Hodgson, Helen. "Theories of Distributive Justice, Frameworks for Equity" Journal of Australian Tax Teachers Association (2010) 5(1), Paper 4.
  • National Pro Bono Resource Centre. Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning for the Legal Profession in Australia (2011)
  • Sherry, Cathy. (Co-author), Outcomes Report, The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Working Party for the Prevention of Children Falling from Residential Buildings (2011).
  • Sherry, Cathy."How indefeasible is your strata title? Unresolved Torrens problems is strata and community title" Bond Law Review (2009) 21(2) pp.159.
  • Sherry, Cathy. "The New South Wales strata and Community Titles Acts: A case study of legislatively created high rise and master planned communities" International Journal of Law in the Built Environment (2009) 1(2) pp.130-142
  • Vaile, David and G. Greenleaf. "National and Global Dimensions of Public Rights in Copyright" , (2009) 6:2 SCRIPTed 197, August 2009
  • Vaile, David and R. Watt. 'Prohibited packets and the Great Firewall of Canberra: Inspecting the despicable, assessing the unacceptable', Telecommunications Journal of Australia (2009) 59(2), pp.27
  • Vaile, David. 'Internet filtering and young people - an annotated bibliography', Telecommunications Journal of Australia, (2009) 59(2), pp.28.

Selected Media

National Pro Bono Resource Centre and the Australian Law Students Association, Social Justice Opportunities, A Career guide for law students and New Lawyers’, July 2011.  See the complementary website at

  • Buckley, Ross."Don't laugh: this tax could fix the world", The Conversation, 14 April 2011
  • Buckley, Ross."Big Four enjoy our support and deserve a super profits tax", The Canberra Times, 10 Mar 2011
  • Buckley, Ross."Should banks pay a super profits tax?", The Question, Sydney Morning Herald, 5 Mar 2011
  • Disney, Julian. Radio National (Canberra): Breakfast, 15 April 2011
  • Disney, Julian."Short-Sighted Cuts To Rental Housing Scheme", Australian Financial Review, 2 Feb 2011
  • Vaile, David. "Stolen info from PlayStation hack reportedly up for sale", Sydney Morning Herald, 29 April 2011