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Student Involvement


Members of the Law and Social Justice Group teach a number of undergraduate and graduate courses relating to law and social justice. For examples of available courses, see the profile pages of Group members.

A number of courses relating to Law and Social Justice are available in the Human Rights and Social Justice Specialisation in the Master of Laws (LLM) course. They can also be undertaken as part of the Masters of Laws and Management and of three Masters and Graduate Diplomas of:Legal Studies; Human Rights Law and Policy Studies; and International Law and International Relations.

Social Justice Internship

The Law Faculty offers an internship program for students to obtain training and practical experience in research, writing and advocacy on aspects of policy and practice relating to social justice.The Internship provides students with course credits while working with one of nine specialist Centres which are affiliated with the University of NSW and based on its Kensington campus. Participation is usually one day per week during semester. The Internships are open to UNSW students doing the undergraduate LLB or the graduate JD courses, provided they have completed the majority of the compulsory subject in their course.Off-campus internships are available through the Law Faculty’s Public Interest Internship program.

For further details of these programs, see the Internships webpage.

Volunteeer Opportunities

Opportunities to work as a volunteer with one of the Research Centres arise from time to time. Some of these opportunities will be advertised here, but enquiries may also be directed to the individual Research Centres.