Undergraduate courses | Law

Undergraduate courses

Code Course name
LAWS1123 Conceptual Foundations of the Legal System (Indigenous Students Only)
LAWS1124 Legal Experience 2 (Available to Humanities Pathway Program students Only)
LAWS1213 Foundations Enrichment 1 (Indigenous Students Only)
LAWS1214 Foundations Enrichment 2 (Indigenous Students Only)
LAWS3014 Insolvency Law
LAWS3017 The Politics of Human Rights: Theory and Critique
LAWS3018 Commercial Law
LAWS3019 Financial Economics and Law
LAWS3021 Foundations of Intellectual Property Law
LAWS3022 Competition Laws
LAWS3023 Commercial and Charitable Trusts
LAWS3024 Commercial Finance
LAWS3025 Advanced Contract Law
LAWS3028 Employment Law
LAWS3046 Intellectual Property 1
LAWS3047 Aus Bills of Rights and the Protection of Human Rt
LAWS3057 Advanced Intellectual Property Policy and Practice
LAWS3060 Human Rights Clinic (Non-Intensive)
LAWS3064 UNSW Law Journal (Executive Editor)
LAWS3065 UNSW Law Journal Editor
LAWS3066 Criminal Threats from Cyberspace
LAWS3067 International Criminal Law
LAWS3068 Legal Systems in Comparative Perspective
LAWS3069 Energy Law, Environment and the Global Economy
LAWS3070 International Investment Law and Policy
LAWS3072 Resolving Regulatory Disputes
LAWS3073 Cities, Planning, Law and Justice
LAWS3074 Social Impact Hub (Non-Intensive)
LAWS3075 Social Impact Hub (Intensive)
LAWS3079 Restitution
LAWS3084 International Trade Law: The Law and Policy of the WTO
LAWS3086 International Law Competitive Moot
LAWS3087 An Introduction to the American Legal System (Berkeley)
LAWS3102 Advanced Criminal Law
LAWS3105 Penology
LAWS3115 People, Land and Community
LAWS3123 Chinese Legal System (Shanghai)
LAWS3125 Criminal Process and Human Rights
LAWS3130 Administrative Justice
LAWS3131 Information Technology Law
LAWS3133 Law of Banking
LAWS3134 Issues in Equity
LAWS3135 Land Dealings: Residential and Commercial Contracts
LAWS3137 Australian Consumer Law
LAWS3139 Indonesian Law
LAWS3141 Securities and Financial Services Regulation
LAWS3142 The Conceptual Framework of the Common Law
LAWS3143 Advanced Tort Law
LAWS3144 Animal Law
LAWS3145 International Economic Law in the Asian Region
LAWS3146 Human Rights Law in Practice (New York)
LAWS3147 Elements of Income Tax Law
LAWS3149 Theories of Law and Biology
LAWS3150 Contemporary Constitutional Law
LAWS3152 Advanced Revenue Law
LAWS3153 Sovereign Debt and the Law
LAWS3155 Responses to Corporate Wrongdoing
LAWS3157 Chinese Regulation of International Business
LAWS3159 International and Comparative Law Workshop
LAWS3164 International Business Law: East-West & North-South Challenges
LAWS3165 Islamic Law and Society
LAWS3167 The Rule of Law in Southeast Asia
LAWS3170 The Essential Advocate: An Introduction to Advocacy
LAWS3181 International Humanitarian Law
LAWS3182 International Human Rights Law and Advocacy
LAWS3183 Australian Journal of Human Rights
LAWS3185 Public Interest Litigation: Origins and Strategies
LAWS3186 Human Rights Defender
LAWS3187 Forced Migration & Human Rights in Int'l Law
LAWS3188 Settlement of International Disputes
LAWS3192 Takeovers & Capital Markets Law
LAWS3195 Anti-Terrorism Law, Criminal Justice and Human Rights
LAWS3196 Designing Technology Solutions for Access to Justice
LAWS3211 Indigenous People and the Law
LAWS3212 Indigenous Law Centre Student Editor
LAWS3221 Media Law: General Principles
LAWS3222 Communications Law
LAWS3231 Work Health and Safety Law
LAWS3240 KLC Family Law Community Education Clinic (Non-Intensive)
LAWS3241 Jewish Law
LAWS3248 Intellectual Property 2
LAWS3251 Australian Legal History
LAWS3272 Australian Immigration Law and Practice
LAWS3273 Local Government and Planning Law
LAWS3276 Sir Anthony Mason Rsch Proj in Constitutional Law
LAWS3281 Statutory Interpretation
LAWS3282 Advanced Administrative Law
LAWS3292 The High Court of Australia
LAWS3300 Housing Clinic (Redfern Legal Centre)
LAWS3301 Remedies
LAWS3302 Land and Environment Court Clinic
LAWS3303 KLC Community Law Clinic (Intensive)
LAWS3304 KLC Community Law Clinic Hub (Non-Intensive)
LAWS3305 KLC Employment Law Clinic (Intensive)
LAWS3307 UNSW Law On Site Internships
LAWS3308 UNSW Law Externally Hosted Internships
LAWS3309 Human Rights Clinic (Intensive)
LAWS3314 Alternative Dispute Resolution in Practice
LAWS3315 Strategic Public Advocacy for Civil Society
LAWS3316 Expert Evidence
LAWS3319 Police Powers Clinic
LAWS3326 Theories of Law & Justice
LAWS3331 Legal Theory
LAWS3332 Law and Social Theory
LAWS3335 Economic Analysis of Law
LAWS3341 Gender and Law
LAWS3345 China International Business and Economic Law Summer School
LAWS3346 Law and Technology: Comparative Perspectives (Zurich)
LAWS3348 Transitional Justice in International and Comparative Perspectives (Santiago)
LAWS3361 Environmental Law
LAWS3375 Journal of Equity Internship
LAWS3381 Public International Law
LAWS3382 Conflict of Laws
LAWS3383 Legal Aid and Global Justice Lawyering: Issues in Practice
LAWS3384 Legal Experimentalism
LAWS3391 Family Law
LAWS3392 Children and the Law
LAWS3393 Succession
LAWS3394 Families, Property & Death
LAWS3395 Interpretation of Contracts
LAWS3396 Family Law Advocacy and Practice
LAWS3401 Health and Medical Law
LAWS3402 The Law of Politics
LAWS3411 Disability, Rights and the Law
LAWS3412 Discrimination and the Law
LAWS3413 Housing Law
LAWS3421 Research Project: 2 UOC
LAWS3423 Research Thesis: 6 UOC
LAWS3425 Research Thesis: 4 UOC
LAWS3427 Drug Law and Policy
LAWS3434 Research Thesis: Extended
LAWS3441 Law Journal (Issue Editor)
LAWS3478 Theft, Fraud and Corruption
LAWS3510 International Commercial Mediation Competition
LAWS3513 Indigenous Children and the Law
LAWS3524 Indigenous Women and the Law
LAWS3541 Pacific Island Legal Systems (Vanuatu)
LAWS3542 Environmental Law in Developing Countries
LAWS3589 Complex Civil Litigation
LAWS3600 Housing Clinic (Redfern Legal Centre) Intensive
LAWS3623 The Criminal Trial
LAWS3713 Indigenous Peoples in International Law
LAWS3751 Business Taxation
LAWS3758 Roman Law
LAWS3789 Policing
LAWS3812 Sport and the Law
LAWS3971 Special Elective: Hong Kong Refugee Law Clinic