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A clinical course offers you the chance to transform what you've learnt in the classroom into real-life practice, under the guidance of experienced practitioners. This kind of learning gives you:

  • experience in actual practice of law and policy on behalf of clients;
  • a chance to examine the interaction of legal analysis and human behaviour including interpersonal dynamics and communication;
  • an opportunity to learn by doing;
  • professional skills;
  • insight into the functioning of the legal system and its capacities and limitations; and,
  • exposure to demands, constraints and methods of analysing unstructured situations in which the issues have not been pre-identified.

On site clinics offer the Law School control over the learning experience. You will be taught by clinical supervisors whose job is to teach as well as practice law, assist  both our students and disadvantaged clients. Decisions about the legal work to be taken on are made with your learning in mind, and are designed to reflect on your in-class work. Daily contact with faculty staff allows you to work on an individual basis with your teachers in a way that is just not feasible in a typical legal practice.  

All clinical courses are unpaid.

Kingsford Legal Centre (KLC) Clinics

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How to apply?

Application forms are available on each clinic page. Course information can be found on each clinic page and in the UNSW Handbook.