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Important information for Students Travelling Overseas

The information on this website is for those students going overseas either officially (i.e. completing a course or degree requirement overseas through internship, short term elective courses or exchange) or in an unofficial capacity (i.e. conference, study tour or volunteering work) which does not count towards your degree.

Students who go overseas are required to do the following:

1. Complete the UNSW Travel Registration on UNSW International SOS (ISOS) via the UNSW Global Education Office website, by following the steps outlined on 'Travel Registration'.

Important: Remember to register your travel details on UNSW ISOS myTrips to receive pre travel alerts before and during your travel. This also allows UNSW to contact you if there is an incident or emergency while you are travelling. You should print a copy of the ISOS card or download the ISOS App to keep it handy while travelling.

2. Register on the Australian Government Smart Traveller website. This is extremely important as in the unlikely event there is an emergency the Australian Government can quickly and easily locate you. We also suggest you leave a complete itinerary with a family member should there be any reason they need to contact you.

3. Read the UNSW Global Education Pre-Departure Tutorial which has important information and contacts.

4. If you are completing an Overseas Internship/Clinic/Moot Competition you must also complete the International Travel Checklist. This should be completed at least 14 days before you depart.

What do you do if something happens overseas

Should a critical incident happen whilst overseas the following steps should be taken:

  • Contact UNSW insurance company (ACE) on +61 2 8907 5995 or your personal insurance provider
  • Advise the international office at your host university if you are on Exchange. Tip: Always keep their contact details handy
  • Advise UNSW Global office on +61 2 9385 7276 (during Office Hours)
  • Contact UNSW Security on +61 2 9385 6666 (after Office Hours)


In the event of a Natural Disaster

  • Should an unforeseen disaster occur such as an earthquake, typhoon, tornado, tsunami, it is essential that in addition to the above offices you also make contact with the local Australian Consulate or Embassy.
  • If UNSW determines that you must leave a location, the Global Education Office will contact you to advise of evacuation.


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