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If you’re wondering what it will be like to be a lawyer, then participating in a mooting, mediation or other competition will give you some idea.  We give you the opportunity to participate in our ‘moot court’, simulating real-life court proceedings where you will compose written submissions and participate in oral arguments or get involved in negotiating mediation or other dispute resolution competitions.

A ‘moot court’ is different to a ‘mock trial’ which typically involves witnesses and perhaps a jury. Instead, you will encounter a case on appeal and argue your client’s position based on the facts presented in the competition case or problem.

We were the first university to offer an elective in international competitive mooting to our law students. This proud history continues, as each year our best and brightest travel around Australia and the world to match wits with their international peers.

The prestigious International Moot Program will see those selected prepare and conduct a mock case or mediation before an international tribunal, with teams participating in some of the following competitions:

International Law Competitive Moot (LAWS3086/JURD7486)

Mediation Competition (LAWS3510/JURD7610)

UNSW Law Society

The student-run UNSW Law Society also offers the chance to hone your mooting skills through internal mooting workshops and demonstrations, with competitions designed to cater to all levels of experience, from beginners to senior mooters. You will also have the chance to compete in intervarsity mooting tournaments to prepare you for the challenges at the international level.

Important Dates

  • Mooting Information Sessions :(1) Tuesday 23 May 2017, 5.30-6.30pm, Moot Court; or (2) Thursday 25 May 2017, 1-2pm, Moot Court
  • Application period for International Law Competitive Moot & Mediation Competition - 10am on 1 June 2017 to 9am - and extended to 10 July 2017
  • Student interviews / selection - TBA
  • Mooting Celebration (invitation only) - TBA


All law students who are eligible to take electives in their law or JD degree can apply for the International Mooting Program. Before you apply please consider:

  • Students must have completed 78UOC of LAWS courses or 72UOC of JURD courses in order to be eligible to apply.  Due to its popularity, selection will be based on a number of factors including academic merit, demonstrated research and/or advocacy skills. Those in their final year of study will only be able to participate if they are prepared to defer a subject and thus their graduation.
  • Participating in an international moot team is a very rewarding experience, but is also very demanding.  As a high level of commitment is needed from all students, you will be expected to adjust work, clerkship and extracurricular activities over the summer semester as the majority of the work for the competition will take place during this time.
  • If you are selected for one of the international moot teams, you will be precluded from taking part in any other mooting or advocacy competition over the same period.
  • There are no formal prerequisites for the International Moot Program however it is advisable that you have already completed, or are enrolled in: Public International Law International Law LAWS3381/JURD7481, For Pictet: International Humanitarian Law LAWS3181/JURD7381, For ICC: LAWS3067/JURD7467 International Criminal Law & Transitional Justice.
  • If you are currently in your final year, your graduation may be delayed as your mark cannot be released until the conclusion of ALL competitions in the program.
  • For teams selected for international rounds, students will be expected to make a contribution towards travel and accommodation costs.

How to apply

Please read the INFORMATION SHEET and then choose from the list below:

LAWS3086/JURD7486 International Law Competitive Moot Application Form

  • International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition
  • Jessup International Law Moot
  • Pictet International Humanitarian Law Competition 

LAWS3510/JURD7610 International Commercial Mediation Competition Application Form 

  • International Chamber of Commerce - International Commercial Mediation Competition