Pathway from UNSW JD to Oxford BCL or MLF | Law

Pathway from UNSW JD to Oxford BCL or MLF

This information is for current UNSW JD students who have been accepted into the Bachelor of Civil Law or Master of Law and Finance at the University of Oxford and what they need to do next.

Study Duration

The JD combined with either the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) or Master of Law and Finance (MLF) programs amount to 3.5 academic years; 2.5 years at UNSW Law in the JD, and 1 year at Oxford University in the BCL or MLF.

Students are granted advanced standing (credit) for the equivalent of 4 JD electives (24uoc). You must complete the following before going to Oxford:

  • ALL core courses (to meet Australian professional qualification requirements)
  • 3 electives to the value of 18uoc

Students must have completed 120uoc at UNSW before going to Oxford University.

The final 4 courses required to complete the requirements of the JD degree will transferred over as credit once you have completed the BCL or MLF.

You will be placed on LEAVE in the JD program while you are studying at the University of Oxford. 

Students enrolled in the BCL or MLF undertake their studies in Oxford from approximately mid September of their third year of studies at UNSW Law and complete their studies at Oxford University in June the following year. For exact dates please consult the Academic Calendar on the Oxford University website.

It should be noted that there are various pre-course training requirements for the MLF (mostly relating to maths and accounting). Reference should be made to the MLF ebrochure for further details.

Please note that Oxford's subjects are year-long and as such students will not complete their JD until they have successfully completed their BCL/MLF around June each year.

You must organise to have an Oxford transcript sent back to the UNSW Law once you have completed your studies to receive advanced standing for your studies at the University at Oxford. Please note that Oxford University does not send a transcript back to UNSW Law automatically.

Study Costs

Students are liable for all tuition, travel and living expenses associated with the BCL and MLF. You should investigate the costs associated with the program from the outset to ensure that you can afford to study and live in Oxford. A good place to start is the University of Oxford Fees and Funding webpage.

If you are accepted and enrolled into the BCL or MLF at Oxford University Law School you do not pay tuition fees for the final 24uoc in electives required to complete your JD. The fees for these courses are waived due to your participation in the Degree Partnership program.

Students are responsible for arranging visas and accommodation. Accommodation is usually offered by the your admitting Oxford College but can also be arranged privately. Please refer to the Accommodation Office webpage for further information.


Oxford offers a wide range of scholarships for which you may be eligible to apply. Further information can be found via their Scholarships website.

You should also investigate scholarship options outside of those mentioned here, potential places to start include the JASON website.


If your application is successful and before you depart for Oxford you MUST advise Law Student Services. Please complete the UNSW JD to Oxford Registration Form and return to Kyle Allen, so we can ensure that you are placed on LEAVE while you are studying at Oxford. All students who travel overseas are required complete the online registration form so the UNSW Global Education Office can track students mobility. Further information can be found on the Information for Students Travelling Overseas.

Further Information

For initial enquiries please contact Law Student Services, or +61 2 9385 2264.

UNSW Law’s Academic contact for the Oxford/JD pathway is Professor Brendan Edgeworth, .