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Law Experiential Learning courses - Application Process

Applies to:


  • LAWS3555/JURD7555 UNSW Law Internships  
  • LAWS8173 Postgraduate Externally Hosted Internships
  • LAWS8052 Postgraduate Human Rights Internships

Publications & Journals

  • LAWS3183/JURD7383 Australian Journal of Human Rights
  • LAWS3186/JURD7386 Human Rights Defender 

NOTE: You are not allowed to repeat the same LAWS or JURD course even if you propose undertaking experiential learning with a different host organisation. However, you can enrol in more than one Experiential Learning course. It is generally advised that only one Experiential Learning course be taken per term.  Please take this into account when applying for multiple courses.

Students in their final or penultimate year will be given preference as they will not have another opportunity to apply. Many organisations also prefer students in later years as they have required knowledge that those in early years are yet to acquire.

UNSW Law Experiential Learning courses are available to UNSW Law students only. Given the competitive nature, UNSW Law Experiential Learning courses are not available to cross-institutional/non-award or inbound exchange students from other universities.

Steps to apply:

1.     Read the course details

Details on each Experiential Learning course are available via the Law Website: Law in Action page and UNSW Online Handbook. Please ensure you have read and understood the demands of the course before applying.

 2.     Apply DURING the advertised Experiential Learning application period

NOTE: No application will be accepted outside the advertised application periods.

Generally, Experiential Learning courses run every term (T1, T2, and T3), with applications opening mid-term of the session before the course commences. 

Broadcast email and promotional materials will be circulated to students during each application period. You can only apply during the advertised application period. The online application form for each course will be circulated to students in the broadcast email. No applications will be accepted outside of the application period unless special permission is given by the Director of Experiential Learning (this is applicable to Self-Organised Internships only). Special permission must be sought before the relevant term commences.

You will need to submit the following documents with your application:

  • a copy of your resume;
  • a statement of interest for the particular host organisation, including your response to their selection criteria (500 words maximum); and
  • a copy of your academic transcript.

Please note you can apply to two host organisations in order of preference.

3. Once the application is submitted

All applications with the relevant supporting documents submitted are sent to the Academic Services Officer (Experiential Learning) or the Course Convenor for processing and assessment. We will endeavour to finalise all placements prior to your enrolment appointment. That way, you can be enrolled in the relevant Experiential Learning course before enrolling in other elective courses. However, please note the applications are assessed and grouped to send to the various Host Organisations who have agreed to take interns. Many organisations have limited resources and the internship program is not their first priority, so it can take some time for a response to an application.

If a placement is not finalised prior to the enrolment period, you should enrol in another elective. Should you be successful in the internship of your choice then that course can be dropped before the census date with no penalty. Should you be unsuccessful then you will not be disadvantaged due to the waiting period.

NOTE: All placements/enrolment will be finalised two weeks before the start of term. Please do not contact Student Services prior to that.

LAWS3555/JURD7555, LAWS8173 and LAWS8052 –  if you are unsuccessful in your first and second preference during the Main Application Round, the Academic Services Officer (Experiential Learning) will contact you with a list of placements still available and ask for a Statement of Interest should you wish to participate in the Second Round placement. You can indicate your interest to be considered in the Second Round placement on the online application form.

 4. Notification of Outcome

Once all placements are confirmed, Law will notify you of the outcome of your application via email to your UNSW Email account. In the outcome email, you will receive the below information:

  • Information about enrolment into the course (Law will be enrolling you in all Experiential Learning courses)
  • Class or academic supervisor name and email
  • Course Outline information
  • Other important documents as applicable (e.g. Reflective Journal document, Host Organisation Evaluation Form, Insurance, Course Feedback)

All the above information will be sent to your UNSW Email account. Therefore, it is important that you provide the correct UNSW ID number when submitting an application. It is also your responsibility to check your UNSW Email account on a regular basis.