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UNSW Law On Site Internships

This course affords students the opportunity to work in one of the specialist Centres within the Faculty of Law which undertakes advocacy or research on aspects of policy and practice relating to an area of social justice. Please note all the placements are unpaid.  

The Centres include:

Note: Participating Centres change each semester according to the needs of the Centre. Therefore, not all Centres will offer internship placements each semester

A Participating Centres list will be provided each semester during the Experiential Learning application period.  For Round 2 Semester 2 2018. please find the list here updated 04/05/18 

What does the course involve?

Interns are required to attend at their selected Centre for the equivalent of one day each week over 12 weeks (or equivalent), by arrangement between the intern and the Centre. 

The range of projects offered in your internships with your selected Centre will be determined according to the project and priorities of the Centre.  In general it is expected that an intern’s duties will consist of a combination of research, project administrative, editing, writing, event coordination, preparing background materials, briefing papers, liaising with other organisations and key stakeholders and undertaking relevant work of a substantive nature.

When does the course run?

The Onsite Internship (LAWS3307 / JURD7307) courses are offered in Semester 2 2018. They are not being offered in Winter 2018. 

Only self-organised interstate and overseas internships will be available over Summer 2018/19. If you wish to enrol in an experiential learning course in Sydney during that period, you will need to apply for the Social Impact Hub Clinic.

Semester 2 2018 is the final opportunity to receive course credit for more than one internship during your degree. To receive course credit for two internships, please enrol in these in Semester 2 2018 (Sydney, interstate and overseas internships) and / or Summer 2018 / 2019 (self-organised interstate and overseas internships only).

Please note that other experiential learning opportunities, such as Clinics, Journals and Moots, are available to students in addition to internships.  

Do I need to attend classes for the internship?

YES! UNSW Law introduced compulsory classes for all internships. All interns will be enrolled in LAWS3307 (for undergraduate students) or JURD7307 (for Juris Doctor students). Enrolled students are required to attend internship classes which will assist you in successfully completing your internship and the assessment items required.

How do I apply?

Read the Application Process and then complete the Application Form. Please only apply during the application period. The dates of which will be sent to your student email. If you wish to apply for more than one Centre please complete a separate form.

Semester 2 2018 applications have closed. Onsite internships are not offered in Summer 2018/19.  Term 1 application dates will be announced soon. 

 Application form  


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Law students should read the Risk Management & Insurance Information before applying to internships.

UNSW provides accidental injury insurance for students while participating in a UNSW activity (this included internships). 

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