Return of Assessment | Law

Return of Assessment

The Law School returns assessment to students so they can receive feedback on the assessment they complete for their courses.

Mid Semester assessment is returned to students throughout the Semester in class.

Final Semester Assessment and Exam Papers

This is managed by Law Student Services.

  • UG and JD Kensington Students - Assessment and Exam papers for Semester 2 and Summer will now be available for collection at any time the Student Services counter is open, commencing Week 2 until Week 4
  • Please note that in the past individual courses were allocated for collection on a specified day and papers were only able to be collected according to the specified schedule.
  • Student Services now sorts all assessment papers so that you can pick them all up at one time (unless the teacher has not returned the papers to us).
  • Final Assessment is returned to students once all final results have been released. 
  • PG and JD CBD Students - This is usually posted once the lecturers return the assessment to Student Services (a week or two after results are released). 

Please note that not all lecturers will return final assessment for some take-home exams. There may be some instances where a piece of assessment may not have been returned to Student Services. Students will need to speak with their lecturer for further information.