Continuing Postgraduate Students | Law

Continuing Postgraduate Students

Before you Re-enrol

myUNSW and zPass

To log into myUNSW, you will need an active zPass. If you do not have an active zPass, visit IDM to manage your access. If you have forgotten your password or need further assistance please contact the UNSW IT Service Centre.

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Outstanding Fees & Charges

You will be unable to enrol if you have any unpaid fees or charges with UNSW. You can view your Fee Statement via myUNSW, where you can also make payment. For more information regarding payment methods and options, visit FEES.

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Enrolment Deadlines

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are correctly enrolled and that the course(s) will count towards your program. Enrolment is allocated on a first come, first served basis. Students are recommended to enrol as soon as they are able to. - See more at:

Law Postgraduate Program Enrolment Deadline

All Postgraduate Students are required to finalise their enrolment by the Law PG Enrolment Deadline, The deadlines for 2019 are:

Term 1 - 2 January  

Term 2 - 15 April 

Term 3 - 29 July

Please refer to the Key Dates for final enrolment amendment deadlines.

UNSW-wide Enrolment Deadline

Each teaching period has specific deadlines for adding or dropping courses. Add and drop deadlines are different. You can view the Add deadlines and Course Withdrawal deadlines for different teaching periods on myUNSW under Key Dates. You can also view the University Academic Calendar on myUNSW.

It is your responsibility to manage your enrolment and to ensure that you enrol in/drop out of courses by the appropriate deadlines. Adding a course after enrolment has closed is not permitted.

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Key Dates

Term 1 2019

  • 2 October 2018 - Course registration opens
  • 26 November 2018 - Class registration opens
  • 18 February 2019 - Term 1 commences
  • 17 March 2019 - Census Date

Please refer to Key Dates for other important dates.

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Enrolment Guides

From 2019, UNSW Law will offer the new Master of Laws (LLM) program. Students will be able to choose from eight specialisation areas that reflect UNSW Law's expertise and the latest in legal scholarship. The program has been carefully crafted in consultation with the legal profession in Australia and internationally, and a wide range of industry and academic experts.

To incorporate a specialisation you will be required to obtain at least 24 UOC of the 48 UOC required for the award of the degree from the course list approved for that specialisation.

2019 LLM specialisations and approved course lists:  

If you commenced your program in 2018 or earlier, please refer to the following:

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Law Policies, Procedures and Student Forms

Students should familiarise themselves with the UNSW Law Policies and Procedures published on Law Policies, Procedures & Student Forms.

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Course Cancellations and Timetable Changes

UNSW Law reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course, where necessary. If a course is cancelled, enrolled students will be notified at their student email and advised to select an alternative course or class. 

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Program Leave

Program Leave may be granted to enrolled postgraduate students who wish to discontinue their current enrolment with the intention of resuming their studies at a later date. Leave is generally restricted to no more than two semesters over the duration of a student's enrolment in a program.

If you do not intend enrolling in a given term, you must apply for Program Leave. If you do not apply for leave, your enrolment will lapse and you will be withdrawn from your program.  Please complete the Program Leave application online via myUNSW by Census Date to avoid incurring any financial penalty.

Program Leave is not usually available to International students. International students should seek advice from Student Development International (SDI) before applying for Program Leave.

Please take careful note of the deadlines and the conditions governing program leave or withdrawal as indicated on the Program Leave webpage. You can submit your leave request through Online Services in myUNSW.

Sign on to myUNSW and go to Program Leave/Discontinuation (My Student Profile tab > My Student Services > Online Services > Program Leave/Discontinuation).

Once your request has been processed you'll be notified of the outcome by email to your UNSW email account. If approved, you'll also be able to view and print your leave letter online.

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Cross-Institutional enrolment

For some programs, students are able to complete course(s) at other Australian universities and count them towards their degree at UNSW. Please note that cross-institutional study is usually only approved for courses that are not offered by UNSW. There are some restrictions for International students completing courses cross-institutionally. For details, please refer to the relevant PDF on the Policies, Procedures and Student Forms website:

  • Cross-institutional Study PG information (Students commenced pre-2013)
  • Cross-institutional Study PG information (Students commenced from S1 2013 onwards)

Approval will generally not be granted for cross-institutional enrolment in courses that are similar to UNSW courses being offered in the current academic year.

UNSW postgraduate coursework law students interested in undertaking cross-institutional study must complete the application form for cross-institutional study.

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Moodle, Course Outlines & Textbooks


Moodle is the online learning platform for your course, providing online materials and support designed to complement your learning. Information typically found on the site includes course outlines, course handouts, resources, and communication facilities. There may also be quizzes, forums for discussion and other activities using this platform. If you are doing take home essays you will also use the Moodle platform to upload your assignment to Turnitin. Your Moodle course will be available to you a week before the start date of the course. You can access Moodle when you log into myUNSW using your zPass and password.

For more information about navigating your online learning environment in Moodle go to the eLearning website:

Course Outlines

Further detailed information on your course can be found in the Course Outline. This is in your Moodle site at the top centre of the main page. The Course Outline is available one week before the commencement of class. If the course outline is not available please contact the convenor of the course for more information.


The Recommended Textbook lists for all courses are available on UNSW Bookshop website: at the start of term. The course outline will usually contain information regarding procurement of textbooks.  You need to place your order for prescribed texts directly with the UNSW Bookshop (Tel: +61 2 9385 6689) or order via UNSW Bookshop website:

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