Graduation | Law


Once you have completed all the requirements for your degree, and Law Student Services has certified that you have completed all requirements, you will be eligible to graduate. Please note you will be assessed for graduation based on the program structure from the year you commenced your law degree. The program structure including units of credit that you are required to complete can be found in the UNSW Handbook.

You can check your graduation status in myUNSW, under your Student Profile.

Further information to help ensure your graduation runs smoothly can be found at UNSW Graduations.

If your graduation details are not there please be aware of the following reason why your graduation may still be pending:

-      You must clear all outstanding debts with the University. Debts include all fees, loans, library fines and equipment. If your debt is not cleared before graduation your graduation will be blocked and you will not be added to the conferral list until the debts are cleared.

-      If you are an undergraduate law student undertaking a dual degree in addition to UNSW Law confirming you, you will also need to be confirmed by your non-law faculty before you can be eligible for graduation.

-      All outstanding enrolment including pending grades including WD, WC, LE must be finalised before you are eligible to graduate.

-      If you have credit that is yet to be finalised from exchange or cross-institutional study, this must be finalised and added to your academic record before you will roll-over to ‘Completed’.

If you have any further queries you can contact Law Student Services on 9385 2264 or