Peer Tutor Program | Law

Peer Tutor Program

The Peer Tutor Program is available to Law dual degree students and JD students in their first year of Law School. The aim of the program is to develop your understanding of legal concepts and skills needed for the study of Law. The program is available free of charge to any student who needs it, and students for whom English is a second language are encouraged to join the program as soon as classes begin.

You can expect to meet with your tutor, a senior Law student, for one hour per week from Week 3. This is your opportunity to practise for class participation, to deal with materials that you find difficult and to practise your legal skills such as case-reading and statutory interpretation. 

It's recommended that you get involved in the program for about six to eight weeks, depending on how you are going in your legal studies. Your teacher may also suggest that you join the program in order to improve your work.

All first year students will be emailed early in the semester about how they can register for the Peer Tutor Program via Moodle.

The Convenor of the program is Dominic Fitzsimmons.

Case-Reading Exercises

A set of exercises in case-reading is available here both to individual students and for use in the peer tutor program. They are designed to develop your skills case-reading and legal analysis.