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Engaging with the UNSW Law Society is a great way for students to get involved at law school. We have a range of portfolios that aim to holistically enrich your student experience and equip you with the tools to succeed while at law school, and beyond! If you’re interested in getting involved, visit our website or send us an email. We’re always looking for volunteers for our portfolios and we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Khushaal Vyas & Stephanie Blancquart 

Presidents |

Activities Portfolio

The Activities Portfolio is responsible for organising a diverse variety of social events across the university calendar. Social events provide new students with an opportunity to meet other law students and create friendships beyond the classroom. The Activities Portfolio organises several events throughout the year including welcome law drinks, the launch party, law camp for first year law students and the annual law ball. We also organise and host internal sports competitions, intervarsity sports competitions and fundraising events. 

Eloise Kneebone – Vice-President (Activities) –

Administration Portfolio

The Administration Portfolio aims to keep students connected with Law Society and the opportunities it provides. We market the many Law Society events and initiatives through our website and social media channels. We provide students with regular updates through our weekly newsletter, the Brief and our fortnightly video series. Our portfolio also delivers a range of publications, like the Careers Guide and Electives Guide. Our monthly publication ‘Voir Dire’ and LawSoc blog also gives students a chance to have their say. Additionally, we organise Law Society merchandise and run the Law Society Volunteer Program, Quid Promo.

Dylan Hopcroft – Vice-President (Administration) -

Careers Portfolio

The Careers portfolios aim to enhance the career development opportunities that are available to law students as a result of a relationship between our Society and the various legal and commercial firms in Sydney and abroad. The portfolios publish detailed career guides and organises many firm presentations and networking opportunities in the fields of Australian legal careers, Government and public careers, corporate careers and international careers. Additionally, the Careers portfolios provide ongoing career development support to students through skills workshop session and mentoring programs.

Anthony Fong - Vice-President (Private Law Careers)
Nikita Harlalka – Vice-President (Public Interest Careers)

Competitions Portfolio

The Competitions Portfolios organise internal and external lawyerly competitions. Such competitions include mooting, client interviewing, negotiations, witness examination. The competitors are given the opportunity to hone their legal skills and apply their theoretical knowledge of the law in practical and competitive contexts whereby they are required to advocate on behalf of a client or cause. 

Major Zhang - Vice-President (Mooting Competitions) -
Chris Yuan - Vice-President (Skills Competitions) –

Education Portfolio

The Education Portfolio aims to inform and enrich the academic lives of all law students through a range of publications, workshops and initiatives. The portfolio’s popular ‘Happy Hour Project’ provides students with access to advice and mechanisms which seek to help students reduce stress and increase well-being. The portfolio also endeavours to provide students with support by running a range of educational workshops and mentoring programs.

William Vu - Vice-President (Education) -

Juris Doctor and Postgraduate Portfolio

The Juris Doctor Portfolio promotes the needs and interests of students enrolled in the Juris Doctor degree. The Portfolio represents JD students in Cabinet and attends to any questions or concerns raised by those students throughout the year. Additionally the JD Portfolio runs both social and academic initiatives, such as JD Black Tie and the JD Impact Program, which are specifically catered to the passions and demands of the diverse JD cohort.

Timothy Edstein – Vice-President (JD & PG) - 

International Portfolio

The international portfolio aims to provide students with international career opportunities and to bring support to our international students. Our portfolio is responsible for running the annual Hong Kong careers fair that helps to provide international career opportunities in the public and private sphere to students seeking a career abroad. We also represent the international students of the Law Society and we run events to facilitate their interest and welfare. Additionally we hold many workshops tailored for international students to improve their learning skills. 

William Yang – Vice-President (International) – 

Social Justice Portfolio

The UNSW Law School prides itself on its proactive involvement in the community and bringing about law reform in integral areas of public policy. The Social Justice Portfolio strives to continue this proud legacy by providing students with a platform to engage in social justice advocacy. The portfolio seeks to engage students in a range of community-specific initiatives as well as larger scale projects and events. The portfolio produces the Court of Conscience and also facilitates a range of speakers forums on topical issues affecting the community. 

William Berthelot - Vice-President (Social Justice) –