Exercise 005 | Law

Exercise 005

Battered Woman Syndrome: The Queen v Runjanjic The Queen v Kontinnen (1992) 56 SASR 114; [1991] SASC 2951 (28 June 1991)

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Easy questions

  1. What is the citation of the case?
  2. What court did the case take place in?
  3. How many judges were there? What were their names?
  4. What is the context of the judgment - the type of case, whether first instance or appeal?
  5. What were the material facts of the case?
  6. Who was the counsel for the appellant/s?
  7. Who was/were the judge/s?
  8. What was the outcome of the case?
  9. Was the judgment unanimous or by majority?
  10. Could the decision be appealed? If so, in what court?
  11. Explain the following terms (using your legal dictionary):
    1. duress
    2. credibility
    3. admissibility of evidence
    4. battered woman syndrome

More difficult questions

  1. What does it mean to refer to a verdict as 'unsafe and unsatisfactory'?
  2. What was the appellants' defence?
  3. What was the second ground of appeal discussed by King CJ?
  4. What reasons did counsel (in the previous case) give for calling a specialist to discuss the issue of 'battered woman syndrome'?
  5. What was the trial judge's reason for disallowing the specialist's evidence?

Complex questions

  1. What did King CJ consider was required to admit expert evidence regarding battered woman syndrome? What was his opinion on this matter?
  2. What was King CJ's reasoning on the issue of excessive expert evidence threatening the integrity of court proceedings?
  3. What was Legoe J's reasoning for his decision that the expert witness should have been allowed to give evidence?
  4. What was Bollen J's opinion regarding the danger of expert evidence threatening the integrity of court proceedings?
  5. Do you think there is a legal rule that this case stands for? If so, what is it?