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Postgraduate Courses open to Undergraduate Students Application Form

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Submissions for this form are closed.

This form is for current UNSW Undergraduate Law students only who wish to apply to enrol in Postgraduate Electives. 

JD students should NOT use this form. You should enrol online through myUNSW in the equivalent JD course code.

Undergraduate Students from other universities (Cross institutional applicants) should use the form available on the Cross Institutional Study Website.

General Information

  • Applications must be submitted on this online form and will be processed based on order of receipt. However, higher priority will be given to final year students, especially those completing degree requirements at the end of the relevant term.
  • Students will be advised of the outcome of their application via their student email account.
  • Please specify on this form how many PG courses you would like to be enrolled in and list the courses in order of preference. 
  • The UNSW Law policy is to offer a maximum of 5 UG places in each PG elective which is listed below.


Please read to the Postgraduate Electives open to Undergraduate Students Policy for the rules prior to submitting an application.

Please note:

  • The faculty reserves the right to cancel any PG courses due to low enrolment numbers;

Late applications for PG electives will be accepted, on the provision that all 5 places in each course have not been taken.

  • Students cannot apply to enrol in Postgraduate courses which are not listed below.


T1, T2 and T3 2019 Postgraduate Courses on Offer to Undergraduate Students





T1LAWS8092Securities and Financial Market Regulations
T1LAWS8220International Financial Law
T1LAWS8077Effective Facilitation
T1LAWS8182Global Governance and Social Justice
T1LAWS8071Development and Planning Law
T1LAWS8017Intellectual Property Law
T1LAWS8037Surveillance Security and Democracy
T2LAWS8038Chinese Corporate and Securities Law
T2LAWS8183International Commercial Arbitration
T2LAWS8105Juvenile Justice
T2LAWS8193State Crime, the Law and Civil Society
T2LAWS8066Climate Law
T2LAWS8319International Environmental Law
T2LAWS8085International Organisations
T2LAWS8980Principled Negotiation
T2LAWS8082Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes
T2LAWS8083Sport, Sponsorship and Marketing
T2LAWS8395*Intellectual Property and Tech Commercialisation
T2LAWS8087International Law and the Use of Force
T3LAWS8026Banking and Finance Law
T3LAWS8993International Business Transactions
T3LAWS8117Critical Issues in Restorative Justice
T3LAWS8104International Children's Right Law
T3LAWS8086Law of the Sea
T3LAWS8014Defamation and the Media
T3LAWS8016International and Comparative Intellectual Property
T3LAWS8189Business and Human Rights

   *LAWS8395, Prerequisites apply: Completion of 2 previous IP LLB courses including either:  LAWS3046 and LAWS3248; or LAWS3021 and LAWS3057; or LAWS8017 and LAWS3057.”

Applications for PG courses open to UG students in 2019 will be open on 16 November 2018