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Full Class Enrolment Request Form

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Submissions for this form are closed.

Prior to lodging an application, please read the section regarding Full Class Enrolment Request in the UNSW Law Enrolment Guide for Students.

This form will be available at the following times:

  • 10 am, Monday 2 July 2018 - S2 2018 Applications (Electives) Open
  • ​10 am, Monday 9 July 2018 - S2 2018 Applications (Core) Open
  • ​12 pm, Friday 20 July 2018 - S2 2018 Applications Close

Please note: You are only able to apply for the courses listed on the form. If you lodge an application for a course that is not on the form than your application will be rejected without notification.

Please complete ALL sections below. Your request will not be considered unless all fields are completed correctly and you have provided appropriate documentations (if applicable).

Decisions will be made on a first come first served basis. Student Services cannot guarantee places.

Please be patient while we consider your request and refrain from submitting duplicate requests. We endeavour to notify students of an outcome within 5 working days from lodgement of applications and no later than end of Week 1. 


Electives - S2 2018 Applications open at 10 am, Monday 2 July 2018

You may apply for enrolment into the elective courses listed below if the course is full at the time of lodgment of this form. Up to 3 additional places may be made available in these jointly-taught elective courses.

Please note: additional places will only be made available to courses listed below.

Course CodeCOURSE NAMEClass Number
JURD7581Advanced Statutory Interpretatation7162
JURD7774Fin Law & Regulation FinTech9730
LAWS3133Law of Banking3608
LAWS3133Law of Banking3609
LAWS3361Environmental Law3628
LAWS3187Forced Migration & Human Rights6434
LAWS3381Public International Law3611
LAWS3115People, Land & Community7755
LAWS3427Drug Law and Policy9399


Core Courses - S2 2018 Applications open at 10 am, Monday 9 July 2018

You may apply for enrolment into the classes listed below using this form. 

Please note places are very limited so we are unable to guarantee the number of places that are available in each class.

JURD7222Law and Social TheoryB7119
LAWS2820Law and Social TheoryB3643

Any questions regarding this form should be referred to law@unsw.edu.au.