Early PLT Request | Law

Early PLT Request

This form is to be used by Undergraduate and JD students who are applying for Early Commencement to Practical Legal Training (PLT) whilst still enrolled in their program and require confirmation of their current enrolment.
In order to obtain this letter from us, you will need to have completed all Priestley 11 courses under the Schedule 1 of the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015 and you must be in your final year of study and have a maximum of two electives remaining in your program.

Before you complete this form, you must apply to Law Student Services for a Progression Check and then attach this as a supporting document.
Note: Progression checks can take up to 5 working days.

If you do not provide your progression check, your application will not be processed.

We aim to process all student letter requests within 5 working days.

DO NOT include the "z" before your student number.
Correspondence is sent to your UNSW email account (@unsw.edu.au). It is your responsibility to check your UNSW email account on a regular basis.
Please attach your progression check.
By completing and submitting this form, I consent to the personal information contained in this form being used by UNSW Law for the purpose of assessing and administering my application for the letter. I understand that the provision of this information is voluntary but that my request for the letter cannot be assessed if I do not provide this information. I understand that my personal information will be held by UNSW Law and that I can submit a request for access to or amendment of any of my personal information held by UNSW Law. At the conclusion of the process, the personal information submitted will be removed from the system in accordance with UNSW Policy. For more information on how UNSW manages your personal information, please visit the UNSW Privacy website https://www.legal.unsw.edu.au/compliance/privacyhome.html
By completing and submitting this form I acknowledge that I if i do not meet the requirements outlined in the form, I will not receive a letter.