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International Travel Checklist

This checklist is a guide to help you prepare for your travel overseas.
This checklist is specifically for UNSW Law students engaging in an international placement or travel as part of a course they are enrolled in at the Law School.
Please make sure you have considered all of the checklist and provided UNSW with your emergency contact details.

Correspondence is sent to your UNSW email account ( It is your responsibility to check your UNSW email account on a regular basis. A copy of this form will be sent to your email address so you may access the form at any time should you require it.
It is recommended that it has at least six months validity from the date you leave Australia. This is often a requirement of entry to many countries (especially those which do not require a VISA).
Remember to give a copy of your itinerary to a family member and/or the University so in the unlikely event there is an emergency we can contact you quickly and easily.
DFAT have created country briefs that include facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of almost 240 countries and economies. We strongly recommend that you prepare by reading the country brief for your destination.
Please find the link here for Travel Safety International SOS:
Please find the link here:
Please find the link here for information on UNSW travel Insurance:
It is a very good idea that you visit a Doctor to ask if any vaccinations are required or recommended for the country you are travelling to.
Please check that you are able to use your credit cards overseas. If you are unable to use them please organise for traveller’s cheques or some other form of currency. It would not be good to run out of money in a foreign country.
Your Australian Drivers License is generally not valid in other countries. You may need to get an International Drivers License.
This question is for LAWS3555/JURD7555, LAWS8173 and LAWS8052 only. If you are a Mooting student you will already be in contact with your coach. For all other students you will need to attend an induction class and contact your Academic Supervisor before you leave Australia to arrange dates for the handing in of any assessments whilst you are away.
This question is for LAWS3555/JURD7555, LAWS8173 and LAWS8052 only. If you are a Mooting student you may leave this question blank.
This information can most easily be found by entering the name of the city/town that you are staying and the word hospital/ clinic to any internet search engine. If this does not work please ask your Host Organisation.
Should you require immediate assistance whilst overseas please contact your nearest Australian Consulate or High Commission a complete list of which can be found at If you require immediate assistance outside of office hours please ring the 24 hour help line on +61 2 6261 3305
By completing and submitting this form, I consent to the personal information contained in this form being used by UNSW Law for the purpose of monitoring my international internship and for related purposes such as audit, management and operational activities of the experiential learning program. I understand that my personal information will be held by UNSW Law and that I can submit a request for access to or amendment of any of my personal information held by UNSW Law. At the conclusion of the process, the personal information submitted will be removed from the system in accordance with UNSW Policy. For more information on how UNSW manages your personal information, please visit the UNSW Privacy website: