Manual Course Enrolment Form UG/JD | Law

Manual Course Enrolment Form UG/JD

Manual Course Enrolment Form UG/JD

This form is to be used by Undergraduate and JD students who need to be manually enrolled in a law course (LAWS/JURD) because myUNSW will not allow them to enrol. The form SHOULD NOT be submitted prior to your enrolment appointment. These applications will be rejected! This form should be used in the following circumstances only:

  • Where a Timetable clash has been approved (approval from lecturer to override the clash will need to be submitted);
  • enrolment in a Core Course that is offered by school consent only (usually out of sequence);
  • if you are already enrolled in 18 uoc (which includes a manual enrolment) and you are requesting to swap courses in your enrolment as myUNSW will not allow you.
  • enrolment in a prescribed legal theory course as an ELECTIVE - that means you have completed your prescribed legal theory course but wish to complete another theory course as an ELECTIVE.
  • Enrolment after the enrolment deadline in a non-intensive course and a School Consent course that has already commenced in Week 1 (approval from lecturer will need to be submitted). Request lodged after Week 2 of Term will not be accepted.

This form should NOT be used to request enrolment in courses;

  • that are FULL*;
  • that require an application to be submitted such as internships, clinics, publication internships, overseas electives and moots;

* except DSU students with specific enrolment provisions listed in their Letter of Support


Please complete ALL following sections below. Your request will not be considered unless all fields are completed.

Please note that JD students can only enrol into JURD courses and LLB students can only enrol into LAWS courses. Please DO NOT contact academics requesting permission to do otherwise.

Any questions regarding the Manual Enrolment Request Form should be submitted to

Please be patient while we consider your request. The current response time is up to 5 working days.

DO NOT include the "z" before your student number.
Correspondence is sent to your UNSW email account ( It is your responsibility to check your UNSW email account on a regular basis.
The Course Code that you want to be enrolled into (i.e. LAWSxxxx / JURDxxxx).
The 4-digit number which relates to the specific class you want to be enrolled into. If there is a related class, please put the class number for the related class in the "Amendment to Enrolment" field
The full Course Title that you want to be enrolled into.
If you are requesting manual enrolment because of a timetable clash , please explain the reason for requesting enrolment, list the relevant course codes and class numbers. If you are requesting enrolment in a core course which is available via school consent, please explain why you are enrolling in the core course out of sequence.
Please include details of any amendments required for Student Services to enrol you in the course you are requesting (e.g. drop LAWSxxxx)
If you have received an email from a lecturer to override a timetable clash please attach the full email here. If you have any other supporting documentation to support your request please attach it here.
By completing and submitting this form, I consent to the personal information contained in this form being used by UNSW Law for the purpose of assessing and administering my application for manual enrolment. I understand that the provision of this information is voluntary but that my request for manual enrolment cannot be assessed if I do not provide this information. I understand that my personal information will be held by UNSW Law and that I can submit a request for access to or amendment of any of my personal information held by UNSW Law. At the conclusion of the process, the personal information submitted will be removed from the system in accordance with UNSW Policy. For more information on how UNSW manages your personal information, please visit the UNSW Privacy website