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Self Organised Internship Application Form

  • Summer 2018/2019 applications for self-organised interstate and overseas internships open at 10am on Tuesday 7 August 2018 and close at 9am on Monday 20 August 2018.
  • You need to have completed 78uoc of LAWS courses or 72uoc of JURD courses in order to be eligible to apply.
  • Please read the Application Process before completing this form.
  • Please note that your student email address will be used to correspond with you. It is your responsibility to check your student Zmail account on a regular basis.



DO NOT include the "z" before your student number.
Correspondence is sent to your UNSW email account ( It is your responsibility to check your UNSW email account on a regular basis.
To be eligible, you must have completed at least 78 UOC of LAWS courses (UG only) or 72 UOC of JURD courses and have not previously completed the course even if it was at a different organisation.
To be eligible, it must be an unpaid position.
Note: Students are not allowed to repeat the same course code in one degree, even if it is with a different host organisation.

Application Documents

Please include a CV and MyUNSW Academic Statement.

Please upload ONE pdf. document including: 

  • Name, position and contact details (phone and email) of your direct supervisor at the Host Organisation
  • Short description of what the Host Organisation does
  • Short description of what you will be expected to be doing during the unpaid placement.   Note that the work interns should be doing must involve some responsibility for legal or policy work and not be solely administration.
  • Dates of your unpaid placement. 

Please have each section starting on a different page. Name the document 'your surname_hostorganisation'. For example if John Smith was applying to the National ProBono Centre (NPBC), his document would be saved as 'smith_npbc'. Please make sure all documents are attached. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please upload PDF document only

Enrolment in LAWS3308/JURD7308/LAWS8052/LAWS8173 UNSW Law Internship (6uoc)

All selected interns will be enrolled in LAWS3308 (for undergraduate students), JURD7308 (for Juris Doctor students) or LAWS8052/LAWS8173 (for postgraduate students). You are required to attend internship classes which will assist you in successfully completing your internship and the assessment items required. Overseas/Regional/Interstate Placements will not require class attendance - interns will be assigned to an individual academic supervisor or get enrolled in an online class.

Please note that Academic Services will be enrolling you once your placement is secured during the university enrolment period. Therefore, you will need to indicate your preferred class time in the semester when you will be undertaking your internship.

NOTE: Class times listed are subject to changes and should be use as a guide when completing the application form.


Given that internship placements may be finalised after your enrolment appointment, you may be required to overload with your internship course (i.e. LAWS3308/JURD7308). If you already have a full enrolment load and have not indicated that you wish to overload, then you cannot be enrolled into the internship course until you have dropped one of your other courses.

By choosing 'yes' below, Student Services will be able to assess your overload application. Please note that you will need to fulfill the UNSW Law Overload Policy to overload.

* Students who have a recent record of failure (past year of study) are NOT eligible to overload. Please apply to overload once you have met this requirement.
Please upload PDF document only
If your self-organised internship application is approved, a confirmation message will be sent to you and your Host Organisation will also be included in this message. UNSW Law will provide the Host Organisation with the "UNSW Law Internships Supervisors' Manual" and "UNSW Law Internships LAWS3308/JURD7308/LAWS8173/LAWS8052: Organisation supervision checklist." Please confirm that you accept this arrangement.
By completing and submitting this form, I consent to the personal information contained in this form being used by UNSW Law for the purpose of assessing and administering my application to the law experiential learning program and for directly related purposes such as audit, management and operational activities of the experiential learning program. I confirm that by providing my consent I am authorising the disclosure of my personal information to the external host organisations selected on the form for the sole purpose of assessing my application. I understand that the provision of this information is voluntary but that my eligibility for placement into an internship/clinic cannot be assessed if I do not provide this information. I understand that my personal information will be held by UNSW Law and that I can submit a request for access to or amendment of any of my personal information held by UNSW Law. At the conclusion of the process, the personal information submitted will be removed from the system in accordance with UNSW Policy. For more information on how UNSW manages your personal information, please visit the UNSW Privacy website:

Thank you for your application and good luck.

Application outcome will be notify to you via your student Zmail account in due course - we thank you for your patience.