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Feedback on Experiential Learning Program

Thank you for enrolling in an experiential learning course. We hope you enjoyed the experience. To further improve the programs, we ask that you take a few moments to complete this online questionnaire.

Please note this question pertians to the course you most recently completed not any you may have completed previously.
The aims of this course were clear to me.
I was provided with clear information about the assessment requirements for this course
The course was effective for developing my thinking skills (e.g. critical analysis, problem solving).
The assessment methods and tasks in this course were appropriate given the course aims
The course was effective in preparing me for a professional role in my field
The course was challenging and interesting.
The course provided effective opportunities for active student participation in learning activities
My placement supervisor provided helpful feedback on how I was going in the placement
My placement supervisor was knowledgeable in their area of expertise
The placement provided sufficient opportunity for me to meet all my placement objectives
The placement provided an environment conducive to independent and guided learning
By completing and submitting this form, I consent to the personal information contained in this form being used by UNSW Law for the purpose of evaluating the experiential learning program and for related purposes such as audit, management and operational activities of the experiential learning program. I understand that my personal information will be held by UNSW Law and that I can submit a request for access to or amendment of any of my personal information held by UNSW Law. At the conclusion of the process, the personal information submitted will be removed from the system in accordance with UNSW Policy. For more information on how UNSW manages your personal information, please visit the UNSW Privacy website: