Entry pathways | Law

Entry pathways

Winter School Program

  • 1 week program run by Nura Gili
  • Runs in July each year
  • Gives upper year high school students from across Australia a taste of university study in an area of their choice including Law

Nura Gili Pre-Program in Law

  • 4 week residential, intensive program to help Indigenous students develop the skills and knowledge they’ll need to study law at university
  • Gives Indigenous students a realistic experience of studying law at university, from attending lectures & tutorials, to doing readings and assessment
  • Covers most of the material taught in the Foundations of Law course. This is the law course that first year LLB students take in semester 1 of their degree
  • Takes Indigenous students to visit the NSW Bar Association, where they see barristers at work in court and in their chambers; and where they can talk to a judge after court
  • Takes Indigenous students to visit the Justice & Police Museum, where they can learn about crime & punishment and law & order in New South Wales over the years
  • Introduces students to the life of the UNSW Law School by allowing them to:
    • meet current staff members
    • work & socialise with current students
    • attend any special lectures or events that are taking place
    • discover the Law Centres Precinct, including the Indigenous Law Centre
    • learn about legal practice at Kingsford Legal Centre, the Law School’s on-site community legal centre
    • develop mooting (legal debating) skills

Diploma in Humanities (Law Stream)

  • 1 year full time program
  • Offered in conjunction with Nura Gili and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Creates an extra, different pathway for Indigenous students to get into the Bachelor of Laws course
  • Is especially well-suited to Indigenous students who might still have some gaps in their educational preparation for university, meaning that they’re not yet fully ready to start the Bachelor of Laws course
  • Students spend time building on what they’ve learned in the Pre-Program in Law and complete courses run by the UNSW Law School, Nura Gili and the UNSW Learning Centre

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

When you study Law at UNSW, what support can you expect, as an Indigenous student?

  • People on the ground to assist you with:
    • Administration – Law Student Services Officer
    • Academic Support – Co-ordinator & Teacher, LLB Indigenous Support Programs
  • Text books provided on a long-loan basis
  • Course readers provided free of charge
  • Specialised support tutorials during first year
  • Assistance with applications for scholarships available to Indigenous Law students
  • Information about finding law-related employment during your studies
  • Information about applying for Indigenous clerkships and cadetships

For more information, contact:

Jeni Engel
Co-ordinator and Teacher, LLB Indigenous Support Programs
Faculty of Law, UNSW
E: j.engel@unsw.edu.au
P: 02 9385 9650

Nura Gili