Graduate Diploma in Human Rights Law & Policy | Law

Graduate Diploma in Human Rights Law & Policy

Program code: 
Units of credit: 
36 uoc
No. of courses: 
6 courses (1 compulsory for law graduates, 2 compulsory for non-graduates)
Full time or part time
Semester start: 
Semester 1 & Semester 2
Additional entry requirements: 
Undergraduate degree in law, the social sciences or humanities
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Program overview

Human rights law is a system of international and domestic laws designed to protect and promote rights and freedoms which have been identified as essential to human dignity. Human rights norms purport to set standards in a broad range of areas, including political, civil, social, economic and cultural rights, the distribution of socio-economic resources and the status of particular social groups, including women.

Yet these standards will not be achieved without a continued demand by informed human rights professionals. Although human rights are universal and the entitlement of everyone, regardless of status, race, gender, nationality or other distinction, too often they are imperfectly understood and poorly observed. 

In recent decades, there has been a great expansion in thinking about and applying human rights concepts and standards, including in Australia and our region. The development of human rights law has altered the ways in
which nation states, governments, individuals and groups interact at the international, regional and domestic levels.

The aim of this degree program is to train and support future professionals and scholars as leaders in the exciting, dynamic and expanding field of international human rights law and policy.

Program structure

All students are required to complete the core course International Human Rights (6uoc) in the first year of study, and non-law graduates must also complete Legal Concepts, Research & Writing for Human Rights (6 uoc) with the remaining units of credit chosen from the relevant human rights law and policy electives.

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Did you know?

  • Gain practical experience with the South Africa Human Rights Clinic or a Human Rights Internship.
  • Study Human Rights Law in Practice at the New York Summer School.
  • Undertake a research thesis.
  • Study legal concepts in our specially designed course for students from non-law backgrounds.
  • Study up to two courses from another stream.