Class format | Law

Class format

Law classes

Law classes are usually held in the law building which is located on the university walkway near Anzac Parade.

  • Most classes are taught in classrooms which have a capacity of 44 seats.
  • First year classes usually have a maximum of 28 students.
  • In later years classes usually have a maximum of 44 students.
  • Some later year classes have up to 90 students and are held in Harvard style classrooms of 90 seats.

Intensive classes

Intensive classes are concentrated seminars offered over full or half-days or weekends. Law elective courses, which students choose in their final years of study, may be offered as intensive classes. Intensive classes are usually held on the Kensington campus.

Intensive summer school

Summer School is an additional academic session offered from late November, December and January. It allows greater flexibility for students wishing to fast track their degrees or for those students needing to balance work and study commitments.