Internal Program Transfer | Law

Internal Program Transfer

UNSW Internal Program Transfer (IPT) enables you to move from one program to another within UNSW, without having to apply again through UAC. IPT is a free service for UNSW undergraduate students.

IPT can be used as an alternative entry pathway into a Law dual degree for students who are already studying a non-law degree at UNSW.

For a variety of reasons, you may want to transfer to a Law dual degree part way through your studies. Your career goals might have changed, you might be seeking more of a challenge in your studies, or your ATAR might have been below the cut-off for Law.

UNSW IPT applicants do not need to sit the LAT and will be assessed on their non-law UNSW studies only.

For further information on who is eligible and how and when to apply, visit the UNSW IPT website.