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Special consideration

Educational Access Schemes (EAS)

Most of UAC’s participating tertiary institutions have Educational Access Schemes (EAS) to help students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage gain admission to tertiary study. At UNSW, this is called the ACCESS Scheme.

Through the UNSW ACCESS Scheme, special consideration may be given to applicants who can demonstrate that their educational performance has been affected by circumstances beyond their control during Years 11 and 12 or equivalent.

The types of disadvantage considered under the scheme include illness, financial hardship, English language difficulties, disability, family illness and family relationship problems, and attendance at a disadvantaged school.

Eligible students can receive between 1 and 10 points towards their admission rank.

If you are eligible for consideration under this scheme your EAS points will be recognised for Law.

How do I apply?

For consideration under the UNSW ACCESS Scheme, applications are made directly to UAC using the Educational Access Scheme (EAS) form, which is available on the UAC website: uac.edu.au/eas

Further information can be found on the UNSW website at: unsw.edu.au/access

Special Consideration for Applicants with Tertiary Study (SCATS)

Applicants who have undertaken tertiary study and are applying to transfer to Law via UAC can have long-term educational disadvantage which has affected their tertiary and/or secondary academic performance taken into account.

Circumstances that may be considered include personal or family illness/disability and other circumstances beyond their control. Applicants must submit a SCATS application including a full written statement describing these circumstances and provide documentation to support their claims.

SCATS applications are available from: unsw.edu.au/scats from September.