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UNSW Law Scientia Scholarship

Scientia Scholars at UNSW Law join a cohort of the brightest Law students of their generation in a Law School that is renowned for innovation and excellence.


The UNSW Scientia Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship awarded to students who achieve an ATAR (or equivalent) of 99.90 in their Australian Year 12 qualifications.

The Scientia Scholarship was established to encourage high achieving students to undertake full-time undergraduate study at UNSW. Students do not need to apply for these scholarships.

What results do I need to be eligible for a Scientia scholarship?

Australian Year 12 Qualification


International Baccalaureate from Australia




An academic mentor is appointed for each Scientia Scholar to provide advice and to support their academic progress throughout their studies.

$10,000 PER ANNUM 

Scientia Scholars receive a scholarship of $10,000 per annum for the duration of their degree (subject to satisfactory progress).


UNSW Law invites Scientia Scholars to apply to become a part of our ‘Student Ambassador Team’ and represent the school at various events including school visits and Parent and Student Evening.


Scientia Scholars receive special invites to exclusive lunchtime seminars and events. These seminars showcase the research of leading academic staff members and guest speakers, giving scholars the chance to network with each other and meet other members of the academic staff.


Scientia Scholars are encouraged to work with academics as research assistants as an introduction to future higher degree research opportunities.