Pathway from UNSW JD to Oxford BCL or MLF | Law

Pathway from UNSW JD to Oxford BCL or MLF

UNSW Law and Oxford University Faculty of Law have signed a memorandum of understanding to give UNSW JD students the opportunity to graduate with two internationally recognised qualifications in just three and a half years. Students will spend 2.5 years at UNSW and 1 year at Oxford.

Oxford University’s highly regarded Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) and Masters in Law and Finance (MLF) will be open to applications from UNSW JD students in their fourth semester of study at UNSW. Successful applicants will complete their fifth semester at UNSW and then undertake a full academic year at Oxford.

On completion, students will be entitled to receive a Juris Doctor (JD) from UNSW and a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) or Masters in Law and Finance (MLF) from Oxford University.

Oxford BCL

The Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) is a world-renowned taught postgraduate course in law, designed to serve outstanding law students from common law backgrounds. 

Oxford MLF

The Masters in Law and Finance (MLF) was launched in October 2010. It is jointly taught with the Saïd Business School, and offers outstanding students with a legal background the opportunity to integrate the study of finance with advanced legal study. 


UNSW JD students may apply to Oxford for the BCL or MLF during their fourth semester of study at UNSW (usually second semester of second year).

Applications for the BCL or MLF will be based on four semesters of academic results in the UNSW JD, and will be assessed on the regular BCL and MLF admissions criteria, without preference over other candidates for admission. Offers of admission will be conditional upon the student’s results in courses undertaken in their fifth semester at UNSW. Students must have completed all core courses in the JD at UNSW by the end of their fifth semester.

Applications will be due in January for commencement at Oxford the following September following completion of five semesters of the JD at UNSW.

Application dates for the Oxford BCL/MLF degrees can be found on the Oxford University website.

On successful completion of the BCL or MLF at Oxford, UNSW will normally award the JD degree by granting students one semester (24 UOC) of credit in electives, therefore requiring no further study at UNSW.


Students will pay regular tuition and other applicable fees to the University they are attending and will be responsible for all living, travel, insurance, and ancillary costs in connection with their studies. Students will be entitled to apply for bursaries, scholarships or other financial aid offered by the University they are attending in a particular year and for which they are otherwise eligible, including all scholarships provided by the Oxford Law Faculty for which students from UNSW are ordinarily eligible.

Further information

Students interested in applying for the Oxford BCL/MLF degrees can consult Professor Brendan Edgeworth for advice.

If you have any further questions, please contact UNSW Law Student Services or on 02 9385 2264.