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Study plans

The UNSW JD is a flexible program, allowing you balance your study with work or other commitments. You may complete it in the standard three year timeframe or extend the duration of the program up to a maximum of eight years to suit your circumstances. You can commence your studies full-time or part-time, and you are not locked into either a full-time or part-time pathway.

You may choose to use the Summer Semesters to spread your course load over a full year to better balance your study and working commitments, but places in summer classes are limited. Taking an additional course over summer can lighten your workload during the main semesters.

While the entire program can be completed part time, certain courses, such as Introducing Law and Justice, clinics, internships and other electives will require daytime attendance either at our Kensington Campus or elsewhere. Some assessments will require you to observe the operation of courts or tribunals during the day.

International students must enrol in the minimum number of units of credit per semester to meet their visa requirements.

Degree study plans

Here are some examples of how you might progress through your JD. Bear in mind that some courses have prerequisites and so need to be studied in a defined order. UNSW Law schedules compulsory courses in accordance with these study plans. If you are not able to follow one of these recommended plans, please consult Student Services for further advice.

The number of electives offered in each Semester will vary each year and there are fewer electives available over the Summer Semester.

If you are planning to vary your study from the standard study plans you should seek advice from Student Services or the Director of JD Studies.

Standard 3 year study plan

Part time 4 year study plan

Part time 6 year study plan