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Professorial Chairs at UNSW Law

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Partnering with UNSW Law to fund a named Chair in an area of of-the-minute research and high student engagement enables you to share in the ground-breaking conceptual work, and to widen the influence of thinking, in an area of law that matters to you and your clients.

Funding a Chair is an opportunity to affect policy and law reform by positioning your firm as a global leader in the advancement of ideas in a chosen field. Importantly, Chair sponsorship has the immeasurable benefit of enriching student experience and community debate.

Professorial Chairs at UNSW Law

What does the Chair do?

  • Provides you with privileged access into the decision making and activities of the Chair and its interface with business, professional groups, government and peak policy bodies.
  • Allows you to leverage your brand through all of the Chair’s national and international activities.
  • Stimulates policy-making and public discussion in an area of law.
  • Carries out high quality research, grounded in real world practical applications and in alignment with your interests and activities.
  • Publicises their research work in books, professional and academic journals, policy reports, government submissions, speeches, the media and online.
  • Brings eminent international practitioners and academics to Australia.

Sponsoring a Chair means funding an outstanding academic to carry out ground-breaking research, and to share that research with fellow academics, students, practitioners and members of the broader community, for the development and enhancement of their own work. It is the single most-effective way to have a meaningful and far-reaching impact on the future of the law.

Professorial Chairs at UNSW Law

For more information, or to discuss sponsorship of a Chair in Law, contact Jordana Wong, Development Manager, UNSW Law