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Indigenous residential scholarships

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We are dedicated to Indigenous education

Indigenous residential scholarships

At UNSW Law, we are committed to facilitating the emergence of a new generation of Indigenous lawyers, researchers and advocates. We have long been dedicated to Indigenous education, and have implemented a suite of Indigenous support and outreach programs to improve access to UNSW Law for Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders.

Unfortunately, this is not enough. The Indigenous population is still vastly under-represented at Australian law schools. Our Indigenous students need your help.

But an Indigenous student faces significant challenges

Most students face the usual challenges of a university career: homework, deadlines, time-management. But Indigenous students must also confront a range of other, seemingly insurmountable, difficulties. Generally, Indigenous students:

  • come from disadvantaged educational and socio-economic backgrounds;
  • live far from campus and spend many hours each day travelling on public transport;
  • have to find part-time work to support themselves; and
  • are seldom part of a “learning community” as their family and friends are unlikely to have had the opportunity to participate in higher education.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, these financial and emotional burdens can create a significant barrier both to accessing higher education, and to successfully completing a tertiary degree. The result is that UNSW Law loses great students, and those students lose the opportunity to realise their potential and achieve something great at UNSW Law.

With an Indigenous residential scholarship, those challenges can be overcome

A residential scholarship of $20,000/year for five years funds on-campus college accommodation and meals, as well as educational support and pastoral care services for the duration of a five-year law degree. It achieves what the Australian Government has identified as two critical factors needed for an Indigenous student to commence, and to complete, a tertiary degree:

  • financial support that is sufficiently substantial to have an impact on real costs faced by students; and
  • a supply of funding that is secure and available for the duration of study.

As well, a residential college scholarship helps to relieve feelings of cultural disconnection and geographical dislocation, often experienced by Indigenous students who have left their families and communities, and moved to the city alone to attend UNSW Law. In a residential college on campus, a student joins a community of other students sharing similar experiences, including - and in particular - other Indigenous students.


Help us give an Indigenous student a chance to do their best

At UNSW Law, we are proud of the in-roads we have made in assisting Indigenous young people into our law school, and through to graduation. However, we can’t counter social, economic and educational disadvantage alone. We believe that every student deserves the chance to do their best. A residential scholarship means assisting an Indigenous student to step beyond cultural and socio-economic barriers so that they have a genuine opportunity to reach their full potential. With your help, we can grant a life-changing gift to a young Australian, and shape a better and fairer future of our Indigenous population.

Indigenous residential scholarships


To discuss sponsoring a scholarship, contact Jordana Wong, Development Manager, UNSW Law.