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Legal Aid vs private practice: do university fees dictate job choices?

OPINION: Professor Ros Dixon and Professor Richard Holden, The Conversation, 7 July 2015.

A refugee close to death but the government's bill survives

Dr Gabrielle Appleby speaks to The Wire (29 June 2015) regarding the recent passing of a bill that reinforces the legality of the offshore detention system.

NSW council amalgamations move closer as Tuesday deadline draws

Amelia Thorpe comments in the Australian Financial Review  (29 June 2015) on the possible amalgamation of local councils and the ramifications for the property industry
Amelia Thorpe, an urban planner and senior lecturer at UNSW Law, says while larger councils could play a b

UN says PNG breaking international law over asylum seekers

Madeline Gleeson comments on ABC's PM  on the UN's claims that the travel restrictions imposed on refugees by PNG means that they are breaking international law. 

"International law recognises there may be cases where some limits on a person's freedom of movement may be necessary, and so certain exceptions that accommodate this reality are built into the human rights standard itself. 

New Course: An Introduction to Chinese Regulation of International Business

UNSW Law is proud to launch the exciting new course Introduction to Chinese Regulation of International Business.

As one of the largest economies in the world and as a major trading partner of Australia, an understanding of China’s regulation of international business is crucial for students and lawyers working in the area of business law.

This course will be useful for commercial lawyers and students intending to work in a wide range of practice areas, including investment and trade law, competition law, intellectual property, and securities law.

How much power is too much when dealing with asylum seekers

The Australian government's attempt to give unprecedented powers to the private operators of Australia's immigration detention centres looks unlikely to pass the Senate without significant change.
But what has been overlooked is that similar powers exist over the 1577 asylum

Why Australia is obsessed with anti-terror laws

OPINION: Dr Fergal Davis, The New Daily, 24 June 2015.
Australia is ‘hyper-legislating’.

Citizenship bill aimed at terrorists, not vandals, says Peter Dutton

Professor George Williams comments on the parts of the Citizenship bill that could see people lose their citizenship for vandalising Commonwealth property. (ABC News25 June 2015)