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OPINION ACCC wants to curb digital platform power – but enforcement is tricky

The ACCC would like closer scrutiny of digital platforms such as Facebook and Google – in particular with regards to user privacy, market power and operational algorithms.

OPINION Law and order is no get-out-of-jail card for floundering politicians

At one time, law and order was seen by some as a sure-fire voter winner in elections - but that's changing after a concerted effort by Victoria's opposition appeared to backfire badly.

OPINION Justice reinvestment could solve rising Indigenous incarceration rates

Indigenous Australians are vastly over-represented in the prison population, but the success of a new program is offering hope that it can be turned around.

#Class of 2018: Jayani Perera

Now an outspoken 27 year old, Jayani Perera’s descriptions of herself as a studious, socially awkward child are difficult to believe.

OPINION Human rights in 2018 – Ten issues that made headlines

The issues that captured the world’s attention this year show the struggle to secure human rights is far from over.

AI in law: how lawyers and scientists can avoid automated injustice

Poorly managed artificial intelligence has the potential to undermine the application of law, Research Professor Mireille Hildebrandt, a global leader in AI and ethics, will warn during a lecture at UNSW Sydney on December 13.

#Class of 2018: Kelly Wu

With dreams of Aria charts long gone, Kelly Wu threw herself enthusiastically into life at Law School and UNSW.

UNSW Law professor elected to the Academy of Social Sciences

Scientia Professor Rosemary Rayfuse has been elected to the Academy of Social Sciences in recognition of her exemplary achievements.

#Class of 2018: Elise Delpiano

From a small town in rural NSW to Washington D.C, Elise Delpiano talks about combining her law degree with a case of the travel bug

OPINION Citizenship-stripping plan risks statelessness, indefinite detention and constitutional challenge

Australia is proposing some of the toughest citizenship stripping laws in the world as it steps up efforts to curb extremist attacks - but the proposed law could run into significant legal hurdles.