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Susan Kiefel: Australia's first female chief justice

OPINION: Professor George Williams AO, The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 January 2017.

At 10:15am on Monday morning, Susan Kiefel will be sworn in as chief justice of the High Court. She will be the 13th person, and first woman, to hold Australia's most senior judicial office. Her appointment came as no surprise. She is the longest-serving member of the court, and has a record of incisive legal reasoning, hard work and integrity.

The dangerous ideology behind Bela Negara

OPINION: Bhatara Ibnu Reza, New Mandala, 25 January 2017.

In early January, the Indonesian public was shocked to discover that the military had been training the notorious Islamic Defenders’ Front (Fron Pembela Islam or FPI) in Lebak, Banten.

'Ridiculously high' marks no longer enough to get into UNSW law school

Professor George Williams AO speaks to the Australian Financial Review (22 January 2017) regarding UNSW Law's new Law Admission Test and how it opens opportunities for students across the country to study Law at UNSW.

Budget constraints force justice systems to innovate

Professor George Williams AO, speaks to Lawyers Weekly (17 January 2016) regarding the value of technology in the Law industry in the future and the possibility of introducing coding subjects into Law degrees. 

Professor Williams said, “One aspect of our program to help our students anticipate the future as best they can; is introducing new content into our curriculum that equips our graduates to work alongside expert systems including automated systems, AI systems, robotics,” 

Susan Kiefel era signals continuity, not change

OPINION: Professor Andrew Lynch, The Australian, 20 January 2017.

At the end of this month, Susan Kiefel will be sworn in as Australia’s first female Chief Justice. The significance of that milestone dominated the reaction to the announcement of her appointment in November.

New admission process broadens opportunities to study Law at UNSW

A wider range of students will have the opportunity to study Law at UNSW following an overhaul of the admission process.

Navigating a complicated relationship: The role of the Solicitor-General

OPINION: Associate Professor Gabrielle Appleby, Law Society Journal, December 2016.

This year marked the celebration of a century since the establishment of the office of the Commonwealth Solicitor-General. It also marked a bitter public feud between the Attorney-General and Solicitor-General, and saw the resignation of the Solicitor-General, Justin Gleeson SC, who cited an ‘irretrievably broken’ relationship between the Law Officers. 

BuzzFeed decision on Trump dossier sparks media ethics storm

Professor Julian Disney speaks to SBS News (12 January 2017) regarding an article published by BuzzFeed that shared unverified claims about Donald Trump.

Professor Disney said, “I think some of the criticism is misguided. These were clearly published as allegations."

"That doesn't mean you're home free and you can publish whatever you like, but it doesn't mean you have to fully verify them, especially when in the very nature of many of these allegations, they were not going to be verifiable."

Our nation's rulebook is showing its age: we desperately need a review of the Constitution

OPINION: Professor George Williams AO, The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 January 2017.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of when Australians last voted to change the Constitution. That was on May 21,1977, when the people voted Yes to three proposals, including setting a retirement age of 70 for federal judges. This remains the most successful referendum day in the nation's history.

Indonesian blasphemy saga: Islamic hardliner accused of insulting Christianity

Dr Melissa Crouch speaks to The Age (28 December 2016) regarding Habib Rizieq allegedly insulting Christianity during a sermon on Christmas Day.

"I think it is probably unprecedented for a Catholic group to lodge a complaint against a radical Islamist leader," Dr Crouch said. "I think we are in uncharted waters."