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Even goldfish could be banned - until now

Most Australians are inherently reasonable and do not presume to regulate their neighbours' private lives. One glaring exception is pets in strata schemes.

UNSW academics shortlisted among 100 most influential women in Australia

PVC Indigenous Megan Davis and Science Dean Emma Johnston have been named in this year’s AFR/Qantas 100 Women of Influence Awards.

UNSW professor named Australian Law Academic of the Year

Professor Rosalind Dixon kept the UNSW streak alive at the 18th Annual Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards.

OPINION Peter Dutton's decisions on the au pairs are legal - but there are other considerations

Australia's Migration Act allows for ministerial discretion in cases such as the controversial granting of tourist visas to four au pairs - but there remain questions around responsible government.

UNSW researcher in international heritage law weighs in on monument-removal controversy

A UNSW researcher in international heritage law has weighed into the monument-removal controversy, suggesting that monuments of James Cook and confederate statues in the US not be removed.

OPINION Rising seas will displace millions of people and Australia must be ready

In 2017 18.8 million people were displaced by natural disasters, with floods accounting for 8.6 million. Climate change is poised to drive those numbers higher still.

UNSW Sydney Law partners with KPMG Law and KWM to establish new chair in Disruptive Innovation and Law

Scientia Professor Ross Buckley will hold the inaugural chair that will focus on research and education in FinTech and RegTech

Peter Dutton would be 'in strife' if interest questions go to High Court

FULL INTERVIEW: One of the nation's leading constitutional lawyers claims Peter Dutton will be 'in strife' if questions over his business interests go to the High Court.

What Dutton's cool response to constitutional questions tells us

Yesterday was a tumultuous day in Australian politics: the day started with the Liberal Party declaring the leadership vacant, and closed with Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister.