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The historical heritage is what unites us as a civilization (Spanish)

Dr Lucas Lixinski speaks to SBS (19 April 2017) regarding this year's World Heritage Day which is dedicated to ecological tourism.

Listen to the interview here.

Turkey and the Netherlands

Professor Fleur Johns speaks to ABC Radio National (13 April 2017) regarding the Turkey President, President Erdogan, and his plans to campaign to Turkish citizens living in the Netherlands.

“It seems to be the case that [Erdogan] is touching a nerve that's already been made raw by the rise of the far right throughout Europe and doing so for his own political gain,” said Professor Johns.

Terror expert calls for caution from authorities following Queanbeyan fatal stabbing

Dr Nicola McGarrity speaks to the Canberra Times (16 April 2017), regarding the labelling of criminal acts as terror attacks and her warning to authorities.

"The nature of terrorism is such that when people hear that word, they jump to conclusions, and it creates a sense of hysteria and fear in public," Dr McGarrity said.

She went on to say, "The danger in doing that is to create a broad sense of fear in the public that's unjustified."

A state fix isn't enough to save community legal centres

OPINION: Professor George Williams AO, the Sydney Morning Herald, 10 April 2017.

When people think of a lawyer, they often have an image of someone who represents the rich and powerful. However, Australia has an army of lawyers who work on low wages to protect the disadvantaged and vulnerable. Many work for one of Australia's 190 non-profit community legal centres, which federal Attorney-General George Brandis announced will receive a 30 per cent funding cut from July 1 this year.

Should I stay or should I go? Shaping International responses to climate change, disasters and displacement.

OPINION: Professor Jane McAdam, The Law Society Journal, Issue 32 April 2017.

The world is facing the largest number of refugees since World War II – some 21 million people – but disaster-related displacement dwarfs the numbers forced out of their homes by conflict. It’s a trend that’s likely to continue as the impacts of climate change increase, writes PROFESSOR JANE MCADAM.

Protecting yourself on social media

Associate Professor Lyria Bennett Moses appeared on Weekend Sunrise (25 March 2017) discussing cyberspace safety and criminal law in regards to online child pornography.

Associate Professor Bennett Moses said, “If you think about child abuse material, which is what this video was, then it is an offence to produce, disseminate or possess that material”.

Bill Shorten the real loser in battle over 18C

Professor George Williams AO speaks to The Australian (31 March 2017) regarding the proposed changes to Section 18C.

Professor Williams said, "I can live with a single standard. It just should not be the standard in 18C.”

Why Australia must learn from our mistakes in the Iraq War

OPINION: Professor George Williams AO, the Sydney Morning Herald, 26 March 2017.

Donald Trump is proposing a $54 billion increase in US defence spending. He says this is needed to ramp up the fight against ISIS. His Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has also suggested the US may take pre-emptive military action against North Korea. On these and other fronts, the President is laying down a more aggressive and interventionist military policy than his predecessor.

A brazen political killing shakes Myanmar, already teetering on the path to democracy

Dr Melissa Crouch speaks to the LA Times (24 March 2017) regarding Myanmar's instability following the death of lawyer, U Ko Ni.

Dr Crouch said, “I can think of many Muslim lawyers in Myanmar who very deliberately keep a much lower profile... He stood out.”

 Crouch said, "Ko Ni had come to believe that space for free speech was narrowing. Last November, when she invited him to speak in Yangon on a panel about constitutional issues — the type of event he usually welcomed — he refused."

Australia finally has crowd-sourced equity funding, but there’s more to do

OPINION: Marina Nehme, The Conversation, 22 March 2017.

The Senate has passed a bill to allow companies to access crowd-sourced equity (CSF). But its conditions make 99.7% of Australian companies ineligible and the lowered governance requirements that some companies may qualify for may not outweigh the costs of accessing CSF.