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UNSW Law professor elected to the Academy of Social Sciences

Scientia Professor Rosemary Rayfuse has been elected to the Academy of Social Sciences in recognition of her exemplary achievements.

#Class of 2018: Elise Delpiano

From a small town in rural NSW to Washington D.C, Elise Delpiano talks about combining her law degree with a case of the travel bug

OPINION Citizenship-stripping plan risks statelessness, indefinite detention and constitutional challenge

Australia is proposing some of the toughest citizenship stripping laws in the world as it steps up efforts to curb extremist attacks - but the proposed law could run into significant legal hurdles.

OPINION Barley is tactical weapon as China takes on Australia over dumping

China's so-called anti-dumping action against Australia is really an action against Australia's overuse of anti-dumping provisions. Barley producers are caught in the crossfire.

OPINION The carbon tax that would leave households better off

It is possible to both tax carbon emissions and enrich households. A report to be released by UNSW Sydney today outlines how.

#Class of 2018: Agape Lioulios

After the passing of her mother, Agape Lioulios realised that her true passion lay not with international relations, but with the areas of mental health, justice and the law.

OPINION In defence of ASIC: there's more to regulation than prosecution

ASIC is under pressure to take every significant case to court. But that would delay justice and break its budget.

UNSW alumna Zoë Durand on combining family law with art

The lawyer and artist discusses her new book, artistic work and reflects on her time at UNSW

UNSW Law and Herbert Smith Freehills partner on China international business and economic law research

The five-year partnership will strengthen research and joint education initiatives that contribute to economic relationships between Australia and China.