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Creating Safe Zones and Safe Corridors in Conflict Situations: Providing Protection at Home or Preventing the Search for Asylum?

Legal scholarship, foreign policy decision-making and on-the-ground experience came together in a panel discussion on 7 June to launch the Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugees new Policy Brief, Creating safe zones and safe corridors in conflict situations: Providing protection at home or preventing the search for asylum? 

20 Years After the Asian Crisis: Lessons, Challenges and the Way Forward

Scientia Professor Ross Buckley gave the keynote talk at a conference on 13 – 14 April held in Tokyo titled, “20 Years After the Asian Crisis: Lessons, Challenges and the Way Forward”.

The Global Governance of Health and Biosecurity

On June 7 2017, the UNSW Law Initiative for Biolegalities, in cooperation with the UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine, held a workshop on Natural and Unnatural Threats: Pandemics – The Global Governance of Health and Biosecurity.

Eye on Alumni - James Morton (LLB '03)

James Morton (LLB '03) has worked as a defence barrister with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the NT and Queensland. James has a broad criminal law background and was sworn in as a Judicial officer in May 2017,  serving in Mt Isa, Queensland. James is a lecturer at QUT Law and a member of the Regional Parole Board and the Chair of the Sentencing Advisory Council that has recently been reinstated under Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath.

What inspired you to study law?

IMF Bentham Class Actions Research Initiative Holds First Conference

The IMF Bentham Class Actions Research Initiative (CARI) at UNSW Law held its first conference on 1 June 2017. The conference theme was “Resolving Class Actions Effectively and Fairly”.

The keynote speaker was Justice Michael Lee of the Federal Court of Australia who provided observations on the court’s power to vary litigation funding agreements as part of class action settlements. You can read his speech here

Law Student awarded 2017 NIRAKN essay competition prize

Noah Bedford, a 3rd year Arts/Law student, was awarded one of four undergraduate prizes in the 2017 NIRAKN essay competition for Indigenous students, for his essay entitled Indigenous Incorporation and The Complex Creativity of Self-determination. A winning essay is characterised by its in-depth research, introduction of analysis and original ideas in conjunction with key themes and issues relevant to the work of NIRAKN.

Seven reasons the UN Refugee Convention should not include 'climate refugees'

OPINION: Professor Jane McAdam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 6 June 2017.

Critics of the United Nations Refugee Convention tend to fall into two camps. In one camp are those who think the treaty is too old to respond to the displacement challenges of the 21st century, such as climate change and disasters. In the other camp are those who think the treaty is too generous and somehow responsible for the large numbers of refugees we see around the world today.

Police investigate if siege gunman used escort to lure officers into ambush

Dr Nicola McGarrity appeared on ABC's Lateline (6 June 2017) regarding the recent terrorist attack in Victoria.

Dr McGarrity said, "In my mind there are a number of other factors in play in this particular , including the existence of evidence of drug addiction on the part of the perpetrator, Yacqub Khayre, as well as some evidence that potentially he may have had a mental illness that contributed to these events". 

What's going on with Adani, and Indigenous leaders say they want a treaty

Harry Hobbs appeared on Triple J's Hack program (29 May 2017) speaking about the recent Indigenous leaders meeting at Uluru and their request for more than just symbolic Constitutional Recognition.

Q:  Barnaby Joyce described the Indigenous body as “another chamber in parliament”, is that really what it would be like?