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Indigenous Cambodians focus of 10th DTP program

The Indigenous peoples of Cambodia were the focus of the 10th annual capacity building program from the Diplomacy Training Project (DTP) in June. Twenty-five participants from ten countries converged on Cambodia to build knowledge on the rights of this population and the exploitation of their traditional land.

Community advocates from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines and Cambodia attended, learning how to better integrate human rights into development programs, and to engage with governments and business on these issues in their home countries.

Student Happy Hour turns stress into smiles

Most students would agree that study is arduous, but never more so than at exam time. The UNSW Law Society has come to the rescue this semester, bringing stress levels down with a range of health and wellness activities.

The Happy Hour Project is a new initiative from the Law Society which aims to keep students motivated, resilient and most importantly, happy. So far, students have enjoyed a talk on clerkships and exam preparation, group study sessions, student-run course reviews and even a visit from therapy dogs.

Cecily Zhu, one of the coordinators of The Happy Hour Project, says the idea came from a desire to create a dialogue about the risks of anxiety and depression within law school and the legal profession.

Regulation, Litigation & Enforcement course enrolments open

UNSW Law’s postgraduate course and CLE seminar, Regulation, Litigation and Enforcement, brings together a stellar cast of speakers to examine the roles and interactions between regulation, litigation and enforcement.

The course is run intensively over 4 days from Tuesday 24 September to Friday 27 September 2013 at the UNSW CBD campus, 1 O’Connell Street, Sydney.

The first day explains the regulatory toolkit available to regulators and examines the operation of key methods of regulation: disclosure, licensing and prudential regulation. The ramifications of the choice of regulatory tools are then examined through case studies on the Future of Financial Advice reforms and litigation funding.

Australian Research Council (ARC) Funding Successes

Congratulations to Professor Graham Greenleaf, Professor Jill Hunter and Dr Cameron Holly for their successes in the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project grants announced on 28 June.

Project Title: Compliance and enforcement of non-urban water extraction in New South Wales

Researchers: Gunningham, Prof Neil A; Holley, Dr Cameron; Pucci, Dr Susan

Duration: 2013-2016

Total Funding: $236,394.00

Partner Organisation: NSW Office of Water

Administering Organisation: The Australian National University

Constitutional crisis or not?

Professor George Williams speaks to Breaking Politics, The Sydney Morning Herald (26 June 2013).

Constitutional expert Prof. George Williams explains the three scenarios that could emerge from a Labor leadership change.

Watch the video here.

First person - Referendum realpolitik

Professor Rosalind Dixon writes in Uniken.

Julia Gillard should seek inspiration from Menzies in her fight for recognition of local government, argues Rosalind Dixon.

Volunteer at the General Assembly, Council of Delegates meetings and Global Youth Conference of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement

Australian Red Cross will be hosting the General Assembly, Council of Delegates meetings and Global Youth Conference of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in Sydney in November 2013.

Kevin Rudd defeats Julia Gillard: expert reaction

Professor George Williams speaks to The Conversation (26 June 2013).

The process now is that Julia Gillard will tender her resignation to governor-general Quentin Bryce, and in doing so will advise the governor-general on who to appoint as her replacement. This is likely to be Kevin Rudd on the basis that he is likely to have the confidence of the parliament, but whether or not he has the numbers could be tested on the floor of parliament.

August 3 is the earliest possible date for Rudd to hold an election of both houses of parliament, while November 30 is the latest possible date.

Potentially tricky decision for Bryce

Professor George Williams speaks to the Australian Financial Review (27 June 2013).

"In this Parliament, the independents are actually the kingmakers ... and whey they might do if there was a leadership change might have a bearing on ultimately who will have a right to be prime minister." University of NSW law professor George Williams said.

Former solicitor-general David Bennett, QC, said Ms Bryce could call independent MPs to ask who they would support.