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Law expert backs tough anti-gang legislation

Dr Andrew Lynch, Faculty of Law, UNSW. Advertiser (Adelaide), 26 January 2011, p.4

Water, water everywhere. Study water rights and contemporary policy with water law expert Janice Gray

The Queensland and Victorian floods have highlighted what a powerful and unpredictable force water is. We need it to sustain life but ironically it also destroys life and property. How should we manage such a fugitive resource? Are the laws and systems which govern water sharing in times of water scarcity (drought) equally appropriate in times of over-abundance? The present law is market-based but how secure are the entitlements that people trade and does trading serve environmental objectives, economic efficiencies and social needs very well? Such questions are/should be important for legal practitioners representing irrigators, mining interests and or/environmental groups, for example. As debate about the Murray Darling Basin Guide demonstrated, these are 'hot issues'.

Faculty of Law Research Report 09/10

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PhD Scholarship opportunity for new full-time PhD students

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Associate Professor Megan Davis appointed to new Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians

Associate Professor Megan Davis has accepted an invitation to be a member of the newly formed Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians. The Panel members were announced by The Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard MP, 23 December 2010.

The Panel consists of a range of respected and accomplished individuals, including Indigenous and community leaders, constitutional experts and parliamentary members. The Panel will be co-chaired by Professor Patrick Dodson and Mr Mark Leibler AC.

The Expert Panel will lead a wide-ranging national public consultation and engagement program throughout 2011. The Panel will report its findings to the Australian Government by December 2011.

6PR Perth: Mornings

Professor Andrew Byrnes, Faculty of Law, UNSW. 6PR Perth: Mornings, 3 January 2011

Opinion: ACT needs to show the way with wider Human Rights Act

Professor Andrew Byrnes, Faculty of Law, UNSW and Professor Hilary Charlesworth, Faculty of Law, ANU. Canberra Times, 20 December 2010, p.9

Opinion: Child porn decision a bad look for MPs

Professor George Williams, Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, Faculty of Law, UNSW. Sydney Morning Herald, 21 December 2010, p.13

Melbourne Talk Radio: Drive

David Vaile, Executive Director, Cyberspace Law & Policy Centre, Faculty of Law, UNSW. Melbourne Talk Radio: Drive, 21 December 2010

SKY News Australia: Australian Agenda

Professor George Williams, Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, Faculty of Law. SKY News Australia: Australian Agenda, 19 December 2010