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Professor Andrea Durbach wins 2013 Human Rights Law Award

Professor Andrea Durbach, Director of the Australian Human Rights Centre at UNSW Law has won the 2013 Australian Human Rights Law Award for her promotion and advancement of human rights in Australia through the practice of law. 

Accepting the award, the South African-born Professor Durbach paid tribute to the legacy and influence of Nelson Mandela in her extraordinary career promoting and advancing human rights.

As a young lawyer in South Africa she represented 25 black defendants in the notorious Upington death penalty case.

Remembering Mandela

Professor Andrea Durbach, Director of the Australian Human Rights Centre, speaks to Radio National's Geraldine Doogue on 7 December about the legacy of Nelson Mandela, particularly the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

To listen to 'Remembering Mandela' click here.

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Today we honour the legacy of Nelson Mandela, a man whose courage, influence and passion for human rights truly changed the world. If you are on campus today, take a moment to visit our newly unveiled Mandela bust on the library lawn that was commissioned by UNSW to pay tribute to this man’s inspiring legacy and leadership.

Boards must focus on house rules

OPINION: Associate Professor Michael Legg and Tim L'Estrange, The Australian, 6 December 2013.

Insider trading has been a recurrent news item in the US and Australia, with large financial penalties or jail time attracting attention.

Temporary protection visas do not deter asylum seekers - that's a fact

OPINION: Jane McAdam is Scientia Professor of Law and Director of the Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at UNSW Law.

Playing God on asylum seekers is unacceptable

OPINION: Professor Jane McAdam, The Drum, 5 December 2013. The Abbott Government's intention to repeal complementary protection legislation is both unjust and inefficient. On Wednesday, the Government introduced the Migration Amendment (Regaining Control over Australia's Protection Obligations) Bill 2013.

Time we behaved like G20 president

OPINION: Professor Ross Buckley, The Canberra Times,5 December 2013.

Australia currently occupies a two-year seat on the UN Security Council. Most of us know this because our campaign to win the seat attracted so much media attention a year ago. Last Sunday, Australia took over the presidency of the G20. Most of us don't know this because it has attracted so little media attention.

Yet a non-permanent seat at the Security Council is not as important as the presidency of the G20. It is strange what captures the media's attention.

The Brandis agenda

OPINION: Professor Andrew Lynch and Shipra Chordia, Inside Story, 4 December 2013.

As long as the political conversation is dominated by “stopping the boats,” the future of Gonski and the fate of the carbon and mining taxes, there will be some truth in the claim that the Coalition is responding to Labor’s policies rather than communicating a positive plan for the country. As these policy controversies continue, the clear air in which Tony Abbott might have articulated his broader legislative agenda appears to have thickened.

Working with Aboriginal clients at Kingsford Legal Centre

On Friday 29 November, the Kingsford Legal Centre launched the Working with Aboriginal Clients at Kingsford Legal Centre service provision manual.

This resource will equip KLC’s volunteer solicitors, incoming students and other service providers with cultural awareness about local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and tips on how to provide effective service delivery to them.

The Manual was developed by KLC’s three Aboriginal Access Workers – Keith Ball, Ron Timbery and Kaleesha Morris -  in consultation with KLC's Aboriginal Advisory Group.

Gonski fallout: NSW at risk of facing huge school funding bill

Professor George Williams speaks to WAtoday’s State Political Reporter (29 November 2013).

As the federal government plans to walk away from the Gonski schools funding agreement, UNSW Law's Professor George Williams has warned that due to a state government amendment to the NSW Education Act, the NSW government is at risk of facing a massive school funding bill.